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ROKER RAPPORT XTRA PODCAST: Previewing Shrewsbury v Sunderland with Salopcast!

The international break is finally at an end for all us poor souls craving club football. As we travel to Shrewsbury this Saturday, our Graham chats with Glyn from Shrewsbury Pod - Salopcast! You can listen, for free as usual, on Acast, iTunes, Spotify, TuneIn and of course YouTube.

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What are we talking about this week?

  • Flashbacks to the last league game between the two clubs; A few names you might recognise...
  • What should we expect from John Askey and his team?
  • How have the years been treating Shrewsbury and their fans?
  • A few suggestions for the travelling SAFC faithful; Places to drink, have a laugh, and how to get to the stadium.
  • Players to watch, likely tactical lineups and predictions:
  • Is Max Power actually Lee Barry in his youth? Also.. Does anyone else remember the film Face Off?

This and much, much more. Listen in!

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