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NEWS: Sacked Sunderland record signing Ndong is so skint ‘he borrowed £268 from Aubameyang’

Didier Ndong used to earn millions of pounds each year from his Sunderland contract, but as more details emerge in Gabon about the deal he struck on the back of his sacking from the club it’s been revealed that he’s resorted to scrounging from his international teammates to get by.

Sunderland v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images

Didier Ndong’s decision not to return to Sunderland ahead of the current season continues to backfire for the club’s record signing.

The Gabon international couldn’t find a club during the transfer window, notably seeing a move to Torino fall through due to the demands of both the player and agents, and then he was sacked by the club.

The dismissal was confirmed yesterday as the club put out a statement saying they had reached an agreement which would see the player leave on amicable terms and, as of October 8, he was no longer an employee of the club.

Gabonese news outlet iSport went into further detail of that dismissal saying he had permission to start training with the club of his choice so long as he provides the FA with his location due to doping control regulations.

They go on to say that should Ndong sign for a new club, Sunderland will be due €4m by October 4, 2019 and if no compensation is forthcoming by that date, the club will take legal action to recover that fee.

That’s not the end of the woes for Ndong however, as iSport claim the midfielder is in severe financial difficulties due to the player’s extravagant lifestyle.

According to the report, he is so hard up financially that he has resorted to asking some of his Gabon international teammates for meagre handouts. Although some of those teammates refused, some did help out the financially stricken Ndong.

The report claims Arsenal striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has given Ndong £268, Henri-Junior Ndong Ngaleu £670 and Franck Engonga and André Poko £134 each.

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