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ROKER RAPPORT PODCAST: Day in the Sunderland-supporting life of Connor Bromley! (ITV Tyne Tees)

The ITV Tyne Tees cameras joined Roker Report’s Connor Bromley down at Valley Parade last Saturday as he took in yet another Sunderland victory in League One.

Being a Sunderland supporter this season just feels different, doesn’t it?

Many supporters will be aware of course that a Netflix film which documents the sorry demise of the club last season in the Championship will be released this coming December, and it will undoubtedly give fans of other clubs an insight into just how hard it was following Sunderland during perhaps the lowest period in our history.

But, things have changed, and whilst we haven’t had a perfect start to the season it cannot be denied that supporters are loving watching the Lads play in the third tier this season.

With that in mind, ITV Tyne Tees very kindly asked if they could follow us around as we took in the game at Bradford last Saturday - and we very happily obliged!

Please enjoy the video above - and subscribe to our Youtube channel.

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