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The Rodwell Conundrum; Sunderland may have offered him a way out, but he doesn’t have to take it

£70,000 a week - that’s nearly £5.5m that Jack Rodwell is set to earn between now and the end of his Sunderland contract. Does he have the integrity to walk away from such an astounding amount of money?

Sunderland Training Sesison Photo by Ian Horrocks/Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

News this morning emerged in the local press that Sunderland midfielder Jack Rodwell has been offered a free transfer in order to shift him out of the club as Chris Coleman bids to re-shuffle his pack ahead of a hectic end to the Championship season.

The plea, allegedly made a fortnight ago, offered the ex-Manchester City man a way out of the club - provided, of course, he was prepared to to waive the compensation we’d traditionally owe a player upon the early cancellation of their contract.

According to both the Sunderland Echo and the Newcastle Chronicle, Rodwell has made it clear to the club that he believes his future lies away from Wearside, and as such the club have attempted to reach an agreement with the player in order to shift him off our already-bloated wage bill.

Sunderland AFC Unveil New Signing Jack Rodwell
Sunderland had high hopes for Rodwell - but it was clearly early on that he was a bad signing
Photo by Ian Horrocks - Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

It’s also believed that Rodwell and his representatives - who, lets be honest, played an absolute blinder when they got him the move to Sunderland - are yet to get back to the club on their offer, perhaps further providing insight on what path the former Everton youth product will choose to take.

Rodwell allegedly rakes in around £70,000 a week for his troubles, and rough calculations will tell you that he’s set to earn around five-and-a-half million pounds should he choose to see out the remainder of his contract.

The ex-England international was the only player who, upon relegation, did not see his salary reduced due to the circumstances of our descent into the second tier. Whilst his teammates all saw their pay slashed by forty percent, Rodwell remained on the same amount of money.

Despite a stint in the Championship perhaps offering the midfielder a chance to rebuild his faltering career, he’s sat out the majority of the current campaign through injury. His hamstring, apparently.

Soccer - FA Cup - Third Round - Sunderland v Leeds United - Stadium of Light
Rodwell... injured.
Getty Images

The fact is that some really bad decisions were made in order to secure the signing of Rodwell back in 2014, ones that we’ll be reprimanded for as time progresses.

It’s no secret that Rodwell’s appetite and hunger for playing football appears to have dissipated. A combination of things have likely contributed to where Rodwell currently finds himself in the game, and unfortunately it would seem that Sunderland will be made to pay for mistakes we made in the past.

Quite how this one turns out is anyone’s guess. I genuinely hope that Rodwell takes the club’s offer and goes off to prove himself all over again elsewhere, because it’s clear that the best outcome for both parties is if we just move on from this sorry episode.

Of course, if Rodwell had any integrity at all he’d realise that he’s leeching a wage from this football club and doing absolutely nothing to show for it, but when it comes to pounds and pennies decency often plays no part.

Every man and his dog knows that Sunderland are teetering on the edge of financial abyss, so having a player amongst our ranks raking in a relative fortune each and every week for doing absolutely nothing is just unacceptable, and perhaps indicative proof of the absolutely shambolic way in which this football club has been ran under various failed initiatives in recent years.

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