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It’s The Hope I Can’t Stand: Until a credible fan consortium buys the club, I predict the worst

Remember late 90s Sunderland Fanzine ‘It’s The Hope I Can’t Stand’? Well, the lads are back - each and every week here on This week, Nic Wiseman talks about the struggle to get behind an unambitious football club owner.

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“Too many players wanted to do their own individual stuff instead of playing for the shape of the team. Our fans had a go and rightly so.”

That was Simon Grayson’s reaction to our defeat at Barnsley. He said he had no complains about the defeat, as Barnsley did the basics right. Thus implying that our players didn’t. And a look at the stats (on the BBC website) seem to back this up. We had the better of possession: 59% to their 41%, but there the dominance ends. Barnsley had twice as many shots on target (6-3), more than double the amount of corners (7-3), and were the hungrier - If fouls conceded is any indicator (11-7).

And still the question pervades. Why are we in this position, when we have money from Pickford, parachute payments and have just dropped out of the most lucrative Premier League in history?

We had a heartening start, but our current position sees us in 19th, two places above the relegation zone. Let’s hope this losing to Yorkshire sides trend doesn’t continue, or we could be looking at a 4-0 hiding by the Blades.

The early season optimism has all but been snuffed out and it’s a case of “please someone get us out of this mess”.

The commentators are saying we had a good deadline day in the transfer market. Really? Again we rely too much on the loan system.

I can’t summon much enthusiasm for this team, this club and an owner who just doesn’t seem to care.

I hope we can produce a miracle, but I’m not holding my breath. The saving grace of this club is its fans. One of these days, a credible consortia of fans will come along to take over this club, until then, I predict the worst.

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