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Simon Says: Pre-Cardiff presser - Is Grayson feeling the pressure?

Simon Grayson spoke to the press today - briefly - and spoke of his desire to break out of our rotten run of home form this weekend against Cardiff City.

On our home-hoodoo:

Records are there to be broken so why not tomorrow? Why not start with a victory against Cardiff? And then we can put it all to bed and wont have to answer these questions. It is going to happen sooner or later without a shadow of a doubt. I know that because I have got a good group of players - desperate to do well. We have played well enough at home in the games that we have played so far this season without getting that victory. So lets hope it starts tomorrow.

The thing about it is we have got to remember that a lot of these players weren’t part of this all last season. There is only a few players who were a part of it. I certainly wasn’t part of it. What you can do is affect the future and that is all we have to do. That starts with Cardiff City tomorrow. Then we can go on a run of not being beaten at home for 9 months.

On the fans:

I think the last game against Nottingham Forest they were very patient with the players, they stayed with us because they saw that we had actually played well. We passed the ball around, we created chances, we never gave up and we kept going until the end.

I don’t think you can be critical of the supporters. When we are behind in games we all need to stick together. We all need to get over this little difficult spell that we are going through at this moment in time.

If the players play to their maximum and play with the commitment we like them to play to - the supporters will have no problem getting behind the team and staying with them.

On bad luck:

Sometimes as a manager you feel like its groundhog day, when we play well for the first 20 minutes against Derby, Leeds and Forest - you play well in large parts and concede and dont get what you deserve.

On his past experiences:

We have learnt from each experience and make sure that we are as positive with everybody who is going to be out there tomorrow to do what is required to win the game. If it means we play poorly and we sneak something off a backside then that will be the case. I remember when - probably this time last year when I was at Preston - we had a poor start and couldn’t get anything going. Then we played Wigan - to be fair they were the better team - and Jordan Hugill scored off his backside and that led us to a run of 30 games and only losing three. Hopefully something like that might happen for ourselves!

On the confidence of the squad:

We have not had the breaks this season.

I don’t think the players are lacking in confidence - could they do with an injection of it? Of course they could. When you are not getting results everyone can do with an increase of confidence. We are not too despondent. We are determined to put things right. We are determined to get three points on Saturday.

On the Cardiff game:

We know what Neil’s team are going to be about. They are going to be hardworking. Threat from set-pieces, pick up a lot of second balls and they’ve got a threat going forward with the two/three lads they’ve got up there. We know exactly what to expect.

Warnock is like marmite - people like him or they don’t. I have got a lot of respect for Neil because of what he has done in the game. Typical Yorkshireman - he says it as it is.

That is all from the gaffer - his press conference was curiously shorter than normal today. Hopefully the team can pull through and give us something to cheer tomorrow! Boy do I need to have a celebratory Saturday night drink for once...

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