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Simon Says: Crisis? Not Yet; Any update on injuries? Sticking up for Rodwell & more

Simon Grayson spoke today to the media ahead of Tuesday’s game with Nottingham Forest at the Stadium of Light. He addressed quite a bit, including club morale, injuries and what he wants from his players tomorrow night.

Simon Says!

A huge game at the Stadium of Light on Tuesday gives Sunderland an opportunity to get their season back on track against opponents Nottingham Forest. Simon Grayson is naturally gagging for a win, and will take victory by any means necessary.

The prospect of Tuesday...

We have to do what is required to make it right. Ultimately that is the good thing about the championship, at times you lose a game on the Saturday you've got another one very quickly.. Let's hope we get a scrappy 1-0 win or a real positive three/four nil win. Whatever is required to win a game we need to do on Tuesday night.

Early doors yet...

It is still early days in the Championship now for everybody. This group of players are learning about us, learning about each other and learning about the football club as well. It is such a big football club and not many players have probably played at such a club like Sunderland. The one big thing is that they all want to be here for the right reasons. It is a work in progress.

Sunderland v Aston Villa - Premier League
Empty seats will be a feature for Sunderland unless they can start winning some home games - none yet this year
Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Home form...

When you come to a new club for reasons of what’s happened in the previous period of time. What I have tried to do from day one is to be as positive as possible. Try to make sure we are not dwelling on the past but you still can’t get away from what has happened at this football club. It has been a gradual decline of results at home. If you win a game at home it can suddenly become a different place. When they stayed up that year under Sam Allardyce they got the place rocking and we can still do this in the Championship. It is not a crisis. We will come through the other side of it.

We all need to pull in the right direction: Supporters, staff and players. Everyone is required to do their bit.

Jack Rodwell...

For myself, the staff, Jack himself - that was his debut. People might have questioned why we played him but we felt he played well in the EFL Trophy game, he’s trained well.

I see these players every day and I said to Jack, whatever’s happened has happened. It’s in the past, this is a new start for you and hopefully people will give you that time to let you express yourself because you’re a good footballer.

He did alright, but there were a lot of players who did alright. I don’t like to see individuals being picked out because he’s one of all the group that care, that we’re involved in at this moment in time.

McManaman and other signings...

Him and Johnny Williams, who I thought was very good on Saturday, will make us a better team. We have got players that want to be at this football club to make it better, the ones who did not want to be here have gone. Ultimately we have got a group of players now who are learning about each other and the club and will make us better. We are going to be in a better place with these players in a few months time.

We need to play better in both boxes, take the chances when they come along, be more positive in the final third, create more chances. When the opposition gets the chance don't get punished at the first opportunity. We know what we need to do, nobody is hurting more than them.

Coy on Injuries...

A few have trained this morning and a few have not. Obviously I am not going to make you aware of the situation of the one’s who have trained and who have not.


Another one who has picked up an injury at the weekend, he will be touch and go for Tuesday.

Grayson was cagey when it came to the subject injuries, giving no real indication of who is fit and who is not for Tuesday. In general Grayson came across as defensive in the press conferencee, and the pressure is seemingly on for Grayson and he is feeling the intensity. Still, I am hopeful that our season will be back on track come 10pm Tomorrow night.

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