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DEADLINE DAY: Roker Rapport Podcast LIVE on Youtube from 9pm tonight!

Sick of watching Sky Sports News? We’ve got an alternative - join us over on Youtube as we come to you LIVE from 9pm.

Join us tonight from 9pm!
Roker Report

Transfer Deadline Day can be boring. You know nothing is happening, yet your eyes remain glued to Skysports News, hopeful that on the off chance Jim White won’t enthusiastically repeat the same crap you’ve been hearing all day.

Well, fear not. We’re here for you.

Tonight, for the very first time, we’re going LIVE on our Youtube channel as the Roker Report team take you through the final few hours of the Summer transfer window. Settle in, crack open a cold one and listen to the boys.

Starting at 9pm - you can click here to subscribe and set a reminder so that you get an alert once the show begins - we’ll be mulling over Sunderland’s transfer activity (or lack of it), the goings on around the rest of the league and beyond. We’ll be talking shite, mainly, and taking your questions via the live chat window on the Youtube video.

Joining our Podcast host Damian will be regulars Gav, Jim, Graham, Copley and Callum.

If you’ve got anything you’d like to ask ahead of the show, please leave us a comment on the video which, again, you can find here.

It should be good fun so be sure to join us. You can access Youtube for FREE from just about any device, including your Apple TV, Xbox, Android device, smartphone, iPad, laptop, MacBook and many, many more. Click here, get subscribe and we’ll see you tonight.

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