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Diary of a Sunderland fan: #15 - Sat around, bored, waiting to leave for Sheffield - the bug is back!

I cannot WAIT for tonight’s game - the football bug has bitten me, and I can’t get enough of it at the minute!

Thomas Sorensen of Sunderland foils Gilles De Bilde of Sheffield Wednesday

I’m sat around. Waiting. Bored. I’ve paced the living room, had a bath, done my hair, checked Twitter. Zzzzzzzzzzz. I’m waiting for the clock to strike one so I can head off to the pub - we’re off to watch the lads down at Hillsborough tonight and I honestly cannot wait.

The football bug has bitten me once again and I just can’t get enough of it at the minute. The less glamorous Championship might not have the swagger of the Premier League, but taking in midweek jaunts to places like Sheffield and Carlisle gives me the kind of buzz that the prospect of yet another trip to Anfield or Old Trafford just simply cannot begin to replicate.

Sunderland have this weird way of bringing you in close when you least expect it. When the fixtures were released back in June I could have never have predicted I’d be making such an effort to go along to tonight’s game, but a convincing win at Norwich will do that to you.

It was disappointing to see so many empty seats in the Stadium at the Derby game, but I honestly believe that if Simon Grayson and his red-and-white wizards can continue to prove to the supporters that they are really trying their best, people will return. Fans, just like me, will re-discover their hunger for attending games fairly quickly if the belief that we are going places returns.

That’s what I love about Championship football. The unpredictable nature of it, the way that it’s not always the most talented side that rises to the top - I love that. Low-spenders Ipswich are rocking it with three wins in three, Martyn Waghorn is scoring for fun with his new club and Mick McCarthy seems to be finally finding the right formula, having spent so long in Suffolk. Steve Bruce’s Aston Villa, on the other hand, have a squad full of expensive, proven players that just haven’t got going yet. It’s a crazy.

Sheffield Wednesday, by all accounts, are a very good ‘footballing’ side and like to keep the ball, which should be music to Simon Grayson’s ears having seen the way that we carefully picked apart Norwich at the weekend. If our energy levels remain as high and we give it our all there’s no reason why I and thousands of others in the Leppings Lane End tonight can’t go home happy with three points in the bag.

Haway the lads.

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