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Calling out to London (or London-ish) based Sunderland fans

The lads from Wise Men Say are hosting a show in the capital and want Sunderland supporters to come and join them for the occasion. Get your tickets here!

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Live Show @ Southwark Brewery

We are heading back to Southwark Brewery, right under the nose of the beautiful Tower Bridge, for another live show.

We did a show there last year and it was thoroughly enjoyable with a cracking turnout. We were joined by Barry Glendenning, who does a few podcasts of his own, and we spoke about how enthused we were about David Moyes joining us (really). The first half of the show we had some craic amongst ourselves on the panel, then similar to the local shows we do, we let the audience ask their own questions and give their own opinions to the panel in a Question Time type of structure. When it all finished we all had a drink together, panel and audience alike, and it really was a mint night, as was the one we did in Manchester a couple of months later.

We headed back down to London to something similar for the London Branch before the Chelsea game too. Unfortunately, the venue wasn’t anywhere near the quality of the Brewery (ran by a massive Lads fan I may add).

The sound, through absolutely no fault of our own, wasn’t great and the event was delayed nearly two hours because of technical issues. We’re extremely grateful that the London Branch asked us to do this but we feel like we want to replicate that first night, knowing what we know about how to set these live shows up ourselves.

Think about that Everton home game under Allardycce and think about Southampton away, perhaps! We’d love you to come along and join us, it’s an intimate environment where we can talk about Grayson, Grabban, McGeady and all the early positives to come out of relegation.

Tickets are a tenner and you get a free pint of the brewery’s own finest upon admission. Considering London pints cost about 50 quid that’s a bargain in anyone’s book! Topper beer it is too.

WMS regulars Stephen Goldsmith, Gareth Barker and Rory Fallow are joined by David Preece, who came through the ranks at Sunderland before having a distinguished career at Aberdeen and Barnsley between the sticks (as well as some random Scandavian sides). He’s now a very popular media type who retrained as a journalist when he stopped playing, but more importantly he’s a Mackem and still a MASSIVE Lads fan.

Link for tickets -

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