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Chewing the fat with Norwich fan Jack Reeve following our 3-1 win at Carrow Road

Before yesterday’s game we spoke to Jack Reeve of TalkNorwichCity, and he was fairly confident about his team’s chances. But, with Sunderland winning the match comfortably, we reconvened with Jack in order to hear his thoughts following the game, and to see if his opinion on a number of topics we discussed has since changed.

Jack Reeve of TalkNorwichCity

RR: What was your immediate reaction to losing the game, especially having been 3-0 down at one point?

JR: It was a shock to the system, that's for sure. After playing so well at Fulham last week and underestimating you guys I thought it would be a fairly straightforward win. I was very impressed with your game plan and the way you executed it though, letting us have the ball and then breaking with pace really worked. The first and third goals were sloppy on our part, but McGeady's strike was stunning - just one of them moments you have to applaud.

RR: And what about Lewis Grabban? Two goals against his former team - that'll sting a little, I guess. You mentioned when we spoke before the game about his relationship with the Norwich fans not being particularly healthy... do you think he might have gained a little respect for his performance?

Norwich City v Sunderland - Premier League Photo by Stephen Pond/Getty Images

JR: Yeah I think he would have done and I'm pretty sure he applauded the Norwich fans when he was substituted off. Norwich fans are just bitter in the way he left - I'm sure he looks backs and regrets that because we put a lot of faith in him when he was here. His performance at the weekend was hugely impressive though, I thought him and Vaughan linked up very well and Grabban took his chances brilliantly. The movement for his header was wonderful, fair play.

RR: Have your expectations for the season ahead for Norwich changed at all, having come away from the game defeated?

JR: Not at all - I knew that this change in regime was going to take time to adjust and I think we may look back at this game at the end of the season and be thankful for it. You guys posed a completely different threat to that of Fulham and them two games obviously went in very different ways. Hopefully Farke will adapt and so will the players too.

RR: What did you make of the way that Sunderland played?

JR: As I said earlier on I definitely underestimated the way you guys go about things. Simon Grayson deployed the exact same tactics to when he brought his Preston side down to Carrow Road last season and they beat us 2-0 on that day too. Soaking up pressure was the best way to play against us, as a lot of our creative players are injured at the moment. I thought Ndong, McGeady and Grabban were the standouts for you - they were all excellent.

RR: Based on what you saw, how do you think we'll do this season?

JR: Top six is definitely on the cards, but as us Norwich fans know all too well - consistency is the big thing. We were incredible at home last season but hardly won away, so if you can keep the momentum up, there's no reason why you can't challenge.

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