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OUTSTANDING! I’m back in love with football all over again after Sunderland’s superb win

Who needs the Premier League? It’s nice seeing a Sunderland team that wins games and gives a shit.

Haway the Lads!

Nothing could kill my buzz right now.

We won.... WE WON! We won - in August. We won... away from home. Wow!

Just superb. Absolutely superb.

Aiden McGeady was on another planet today. That ball in for the Grabban header was the type of delivery from a wide player that we haven’t seen in many years at this football club, whilst his goal - on his ‘weaker’ foot, may I add - was simply beautiful.

Simon Grayson has said in the aftermath of the game that ‘we have to put the heart and soul back into the club’ and in the short amount of football we have seen so far this season I think it would be fair to say that his team has delivered. It’s nice to watch eleven players play like they give a shit again - we set up to defend today, and every single man out on that pitch today gave us their all.

We ate up absolutely everything - well, Grabban’s unfortunate own-goal aside - that Norwich threw at us and came up with quality when it was needed. Lee Cattermole marshalled the team like a true leader and each player grafted their bollocks off in order to get the result.

And lets not forget, that’s our third game in just over a week, with yet another to come midweek away at Sheffield Wednesday. Mentally these players have to be up to the challenge and winning games certainly helps you to stay focused and motivated.

I’m not expecting miracles from our new manager just yet but we have to appreciate the great job he’s done so far since arriving. The message from day one was clear - you either work hard for this club or you go - and its safe to say that he and his players have been to true to his word.

For the 1200 fans that made the trip down to Carrow Road today - that was for you. So many hard yards are put in supporting this football club and being able to celebrate so many goals on the road, winning the game, is a rare treat.

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