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‘Tales from the Stands’ - a brand new feature, and we want YOU to help create it!

We’re bringing you a new interactive feature here at Roker Report, and YOUR help is needed. Fancy getting involved? Please read on, and get in touch.

Tales From The Stands
Roker Report

Supporting Sunderland has never been easy. But for each bad day we’ve had, there are many good ones too - and it’s not always the football that makes the occasion special.

So, with that in mind, we’re starting ‘Tales from the Stands’ - a comprehensive collection of memories, quips, photographs and funny stories from Sunderland supporters of all ages.

We want this to be very much about our readers, so that’s where you come in.

Is there anything that stands out in your mind from your time watching the lads over the years? Something hilarious that you’ll never forget? It might even just be a particular away day, or your story of ending up at a game. Whatever it is, we want to hear it.

Please, get in touch. We’re looking for your stories - ideally between 400 and 700 words in length - that we’ll feature exclusively here on the site.

Email us: - we’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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