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What Sunderland can expect from Aiden McGeady; Q&A with Everton fansite RoyalBlueMersey

Sunderland look set to sign Aiden McGeady from Everton. Today we sat down with Calvin from to chat about what we can expect from the Irish winger.

Sunderland v Everton - Premier League Photo by Gareth Copley/Getty Images

RR: Hi Calvin, thanks for taking the time out to speak to Roker Report. Could you describe McGeady in a few words?

CM: McGeady is a very skilled winger who has plenty of pace and trickery and can make a real difference in a game. While dropping back to help out in the back is not necessarily his strongest suite, he is at his best when running at defences or into space. He does tend to disappear at times during a game but he has a wicked dipper of a left-foot shot and can snap off a shot or two with his right as well.

Also, there's the 'McGeady spin', which is a nifty little move along the lines of the 'Cruyff turn' which will get your fans giddy in their seats.

RR: Let’s hope he can transfer that little trick to the pitch at the Stadium of Light. What else can we expect from McGeady in terms of his playing style, what can he bring to Sunderland?

CM: Pace and width. As Simon Grayson goes about retooling the Sunderland side, McGeady will give you an attacking outlet that can score and help create goals as well. He's one of those players that needs a lot of the ball to make a difference as some of the moves he's going to make are not going to work out, but he tends to grow into games. If the Black Cats are looking to stretch defences in the Championship then using McGeady as a wide man on the left will work out well. Also, having a big target man in the middle will help make him more effective.

Scotland v Republic of Ireland - EURO 2016 Qualifier Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images

RR: McGeady sounds like a good quality technical footballer - why didn't it work out for him at Goodison Park?

CM: It's an interesting question, and I feel part of it has to do with Everton and not the player. Gerard Deulofeu didn't work out as a winger with the Toffees either and the system and the Premier League might be to blame for that too. Unlike continental Europe, England proves to be a tougher place for out and out wingers to succeed, likely because of the speed and physical nature of the game.

The Premier League doesn't afford teams like Everton the luxury of 'carrying' a player that isn't going to chip in at all aspects of the game, and McGeady didn't seem to get enough space and of the ball to showcase his skills.

RR: That’s interesting that you believe McGeady needs space to showcase his ability. Does this mean that McGeady can be effective in The Championship?

CM: I would say yes. Seeing how well he did for Preston last season reaffirmed him in Evertonian eyes that he could play the game, but needs to be a bit of a centerpiece in the team, which he was not going to be at Everton. We've pored over plenty of video of him on loan at Sheffield Wednesday and Preston, and I'd say he can be quite successful - he was even Preston's Player of the Year last season, which says a lot.

RR: What are your thoughts on how McGeady will fare in the North-East? Do you expect McGeady to do well on Wearside?

CM: Once again, I'd say yes. Coming to Sunderland with Grayson like he is, he stays in the same League and with a manager who knows well how to get the best of him, I'd expect him to get close to double digits in goals and assists once again.

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