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2017-18 Kit launch - Ten crap things Sunderland's new shirt looks like; love it or loathe it?

Sunderland's new home kit has been unveiled. And it's causing some debate.

Sunderland have launched their new kit with a live unveiling featuring Dawdon Welfare FC. The local Sunday league team sported the home shirt for the first time in a match broadcast live on facebook.

The launch featured a live facebook broadcast of the kit in action worn by Dawdon Welfare FC

A local non-league side were selected to model it because, quite frankly, there isn't a first team squad member who is certain to be at the club come August.

And whilst that was a great day for Dawdon, many are disappointed that former model and current chief executive Martin Bain didn't relive his former career with a little catwalk turn.

The 2017-18 home shirt is made up of the famous red-and-white vertical stripes of course, but they're somewhat thinner than we've been used to. It's something of a mind-bending affair - which if you stare at for too long hurts the eyes.

The top comes with a crew neck collar and black cuffs with the Adidas logo on the right breast and the SAFC crest on the left. Adult and matchday kits will be adorned with the Dafabet sponsor's logo.

But it's the sleeves and the back where things begin to get 'interesting'. Striped arms complete the deckchair look and a solid all red back panel looks pretty darn horrible from a rear angled view.

Haway - it doesn't even look like a Sunderland shirt from behind.

Beer? You'd need 6 pints to be seen in this thing

The shorts and socks are largely inoffensive.

As is the new goalkeeper top, which is pretty smart.

So there we have it. The kit that will adorn Sunderland players for 46 games in the Championship over 9 long months.

Social media has been rife with comment as you would expect and here's ten of the best suggestions of what the darn things looks like.

1990s Sheffield United
A barber shop quartet
'Bully' from classic gameshow Bullseye
German lager
A deckchair
Classic pyjamas
Assorted designs of shopping bags
An old fashioned workmen's tent - what did they used to get up to in them?
A butcher's get up
And a tube of toothpaste

The kit has come with a brand new slogan - "Our future is rooted in our history" but you'd be hard pressed to find many Sunderland kits of yore with stripes so thin except a few of the very earliest Victorian pieces.

So what do you think? Love it or loathe it?


Sunderland's 2017-18 kit - does it meet with your approval?

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  • 12%
    Yes, love it
    (141 votes)
  • 48%
    No, horrible thing - loathe it
    (559 votes)
  • 39%
    If they hadn't insisted on that damn awful back panel it would be alright
    (451 votes)
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