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To Sunderland AFC - Find us a manager willing to embrace this football club!

Fun fact: it's been over two years since Sunderland last sacked a manager. Extraordinary, then, that we are currently searching for a new man for the fifth time since then. 

Sunderland v Swansea City - Premier League Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

After Gus Poyet was given the axe in March 2015, the revolving door in the manager's office at the Academy of Light has been spinning faster than ever.

First, Dick Advocaat quit, then he quit again a few months later. Sam Allardyce was next, and should the manner with which he treated our club ever become public, it's unlikely his warm reputation among fans would last long. This month, David Moyes became the latest to walk away - and not before time according to the vast majority.

And this has left a very sour aftertaste for me, and I don't mind admitting it.

I'm sick of so-called big name managers looking down their noses at my club and thinking they are doing us a massive favour by being willing to slum it with us, before stomping off in a huff like we are some unruly and hopeless problem-child who won't do as we are told and don't appreciate them and their self-proclaimed worldly wisdom.

I'm even more sick of people trying to reinvent my football club.

A message for any incoming manager: we don't need to be given an identity - we already have one. We like players who run until they drop, tackle hard, and want to attack with hunger and purpose. Committed, physical, direct football. That's us.

If a groan goes up at the Stadium of Light at a 'clever' or 'tidy' sideways pass when a messy but purposeful one is available, if a bone-crunching Sunday league tackle is met with a hearty raw of appreciation... these are not your cues for rolling your eyes and bitching to yourself about how you need to educate backwards little football Neanderthals so that we may appreciate you.

We know our football. We love our football. We live and breathe football and can recognise tactics and systems just fine without the need for a UEFA coaching certificate.

Tippy-tappy football, registas, trequartistas, whatever, they all have their place in football. Believe me, we get it! We understand them. We even like watching them. It doesn't mean we necessarily need to see them here in red and white.

No, those things I mentioned above, the tackling, the reaction to slow sideways passing, they are your cues and clues for learning what makes this football club tick and breathe and thrive. We don't need your ideas and your 'philosophy' and we certainly don't need you to pity-f*ck us into an 'identity'. We need you to acknowledge, respect, and embody the one we already have and are deeply proud of.

We are not asking you to save us or teach us. We are asking you to join us. We are not asking you to create a club, we are asking you to lead one.

I try as much as possible to not speak for other fans. When I'm writing, I tend to stress the words and views to which I lay claim are mine and mine alone. However, I'm going to break that rule here to say this:

Sunderland fans are not angry about losing. Christ, we've pretty much all been watching Sunderland lose our whole lives.

We are angry about a team who do not show any signs of effort - at all. We are angry about players who show precious little evidence of professionalism. We are angry about players who give far more of a toss about the name on the back of the shirt than the one on the front. And most of all, we are angry about managers who have such little respect for this club that they allow those paid to represent it abuse it in this, and frankly just about every, way.

The fact is, there is loads that we can and bloody well should be proud of about our club. The obvious ones are the fans ourselves. 41,212 supporters, on average, the 29th highest in Europe this season, turned up every other week to give those disgracing it every chance to prove us wrong Just about every single away game is oversubscribed in between.

We have a world class stadium and a brilliant, storied history. We provide an entire city with a strong, passionate heartbeat. This club is absolutely brilliant.

All we need is someone who appreciates that and realises how lucky they are to have the chance to be a part of it. That's it.

So please, Sunderland, go and get us that man. Don't go looking for someone who'd think us lucky they'd even consider us. Find us someone who knows how privileged they'd be to take our call.

Find us someone who will respect this club and see the passion of the supporters as their biggest asset, not their biggest annoyance. It's really not asking much at all.

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