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Quick Kicks: Terry's 26th minute send-off was embarrassing; Feeling sorry for Moyes; Bye Bye, losers!

In today's Quick Kicks we look back at the main talking points coming from Sunday's season-ending defeat at the hands of Chelsea: John Terry's farcical 26th minute hero worship, feeling sorry (for once) for David Moyes, Jordan Pickford's poor performance, and saying bye-bye to the majority of this pathetic squad.

Chelsea v Sunderland - Premier League Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Terry charade was an utter embarrassment

I don't know if it's just me but I can't believe we actually agreed to put the ball out of play so that John Terry could be given some attention for his final game at Stamford Bridge. Just... what the f**k?

What do we owe this racist, bigoted piece of dirt? Absolutely nothing. We should have denied Chelsea their request and let them do whatever they wanted to do off their own back, in my opinion. We should have more integrity and self-respect than that.

Feeling sorry for Dave

You read that correctly - for the first time this season I sort of felt sorry for David Moyes.

Billy Jones at centre half? He's not even a competent right back. Joleon Lescott making his debut alongside John O'Shea? Christ, I bet Eden Hazard and co. were shitting themselves. Fabio Borini on his own up top against the best defence in the world right now? Righto.

The fact we took the lead early in the match was a minor miracle, and though Chelsea's rout didn't really come until later in the game we always knew that it would come eventually. Moyes had his hands tied with that team selection, though - the alternative was to throw a load of kids in that struggled massively against a Porto B side on Wednesday, and to me that just didn't seem worthwhile.

Look at the state of the squad he had available for the game, man - I'm not having that all of those players who were missing were legitimately injured, either. It's much easier to take yourself out of the firing line by feigning injury and I have absolutely no doubt that some of our players did exactly that.

Pickford's off-day

Jordan Pickford is one of the most calm and collected players we've had at Sunderland in many years, but against Chelsea he showed that even he feels the pressure now and again.

Making two errors that led to goals, Pickford wasn't at his best. Perhaps his performance was a timely reminder to prospective buyers that he's not quite the finished article yet and still has much to learn. Maybe we should hold onto him for at least another season?


Now that the season is over with we can begin to look forward, hopefully leaving behind the majority of this sorry squad that has consistently ducked out and crumbled under the pressure of playing Premier League football.

The exodus this summer must be vast if we are to make any sort of progress in the Championship, and it has been clear for some time now which of these players just do not want to be here.

It's been said plenty of times now on this site but bringing in players that genuinely want to play for us and will seize the opportunity of playing for such a huge club is imperative to any success that we can feasibly have in the coming years.

We have to stop buying cast-offs from big clubs, first and foremost. Players like Jack Rodwell and Fabio Borini cost us large sums of money, when in truth we were buying players on the downturn that simply do not have the hunger to succeed having left top sides with little left to prove to anyone else.

I just worry about our chances of finding buyers for some of them. Rodwell and Borini are just two of many that we are going to need to move along, but convincing another club to take them off our hands might be tricky - especially if we want the deal to favour us more than them.

Either way it's nice to finally be able to write this catastrophic season off and to begin thinking about what we do next. There is plenty of talent out there in the lower leagues, we just have to be courageous and back these players to come to Sunderland and succeed. Relying on buying names from big clubs is part of the reason we are where we are, and that needs to change.

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