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The 7 Sh*ts of Sunderland's season - Who are they? We point the finger of blame at those who deserve it

It's been a horrendous season and David Moyes has been rightly criticised for his part in it. However, while I accept Moyes is far from blameless, for me it's still the players who bear the brunt. 

Crystal Palace v Sunderland - Premier League Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

To be clear, I'm not talking about those not good enough. We have plenty of those. The ones I'm highlighting for special condemnation are the ones who are good enough, yet didn't have the stones or decency to actually do it.

The ones who, actually, went the other way and showed this club and us fans a disgraceful level of disrespect.

Moyes debate aside, these are the real seven shits of Sunderland's season.

Sunderland v Swansea City - Premier League Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Lamine Kone

You know what properly makes Kone a total shit? It's fact we KNOW he can do it. He's shown he can do it. Apparently though, he can only be arsed to do it when he's trying to get a bigger contract out of the club and he'll happily piss on it the second he has it.

Adnan Januzaj

Here's a player that has all the ability in the world yet plays every game like a personal Wizard Of Oz tribute: no heart, no courage, no brain, aimlessly wandering down needlessly winding paths searching for fanciful magic that was never realistic, all whilst in a constant dreamy semi-comatose state.

Jack Rodwell

He's a double shit, really. Retiring at 24 is shitty enough, but to actively do it and not bother to tell your employer so you can still steal their money, that's doubly shit.

Jason Denayer

Suspiciously missing against Bournemouth then suspiciously 'injured' first chance he got against Swansea. Suspiciously shitty. Tough not to wonder what other shitty things he's been doing all season too.

Darron Gibson

What kind of a character, we asked ourselves, happily pisses away the peak years of his career never playing at Everton? A really shitty one, is the answer we since received.

Victor Anichebe

Prattled on all season on social media about how important the club is to him yet, a two week spell aside, always absent when it actually mattered, and very quick to make his excuses and exit against Bournemouth.

Fabio Borini

He might have been trying, but the fact that is even debatable is a disgrace. Regardless of the answer, the nature of his celebration of the equaliser against West Ham was very shitty and selfish - and that was the best thing he did all season.

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