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Fan Focus: 'Changing manager is what will see us survive relegation', says Swansea fan Steven!

With a game on the horizon that is much more important for Swansea than it is for Sunderland, Steven Carroll of Swansea Oh Swansea is back to give us the Swans’ view on our last home game of the season.

Swansea City v Sunderland - Premier League Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images

RF: When we last spoke, back in December, you were almost certain that Swansea were going down. However, since Bob Bradley's departure and Paul Clement's arrival, things have changed and you're the favourites to avoid 18th! It's not over yet, of course, but what has Clement done to turn you around?

SC: I was indeed certain we would go down. It's been some turnaround.

The change of manager has been a big thing. Clement has, in general, picked a more settled side with a clear plan of what he wants to achieve. Our slump recently was partly down to his negative tactics, but he's now changed the formation to a 4-4-2 diamond which has seen us pick us 7 points from 9.

If I'm honest though, another reason we may stay up is because the standard isn't great. In other seasons we may well have been already down.

RF: Another thing you mentioned earlier this season was that Swansea fans didn't have much of an idea what the new owners (Jason Levien & Steve Kaplan) wanted to do with the club. Is that becoming any clearer now?

SC: No not really. There was a fans forum last month which they attended but there was much more style than substance from both men. Time will tell I suppose, the summer will give us more answers regardless of if we stay up or not. Here's the in-depth write up we did of the fans forum if anyone is interested.

RF: This weekend could be the one that confirms your survival, should you beat us and Hull lose at Crystal Palace. You're totally in the driving seat, so do you think you'll get over the line or are you not even thinking that far yet?

SC: Last weekend saw a massive swing, so we now have to believe we can stay up. Hull have been really good at home so no one expected you to turn them over. That gave us a big lift before the Everton game which we managed to win, so now not only is it in our hands but, psychologically, Hull have taken a big blow. If we win on Saturday - before they play Palace on Sunday - then I'm sure we'll be fine.

Hull City v Swansea City - Premier League
Paul Clement has been able to turn around Swansea's faltering season following an awful start to the campaign under two other managers
Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

RF: Even though we're down and out, we somehow won last week. With that in mind, is there anyone in the Sunderland side that you're worried about?

SC: Teams with nothing to play for can be dangerous, especially if they're down because pressure has been lifted, so as much as I believe we can win there is some trepidation about the game.

The main worry as ever is Defoe, he has a great record against us and doesn't need many chances to score. Jordan Pickford is the other, he's a great keeper and if he has one of those days then it'll be tough for us to score.

RF: Sigurdsson and Llorente are the obvious stand outs in the Swansea side but is there anyone else we should be worried about? Any of your lads in a good run of form at the minute?

SC: Since Leon Britton had been recalled he's been brilliant. He just did the simple things, keeps the ball moving, always available for a pass, reads the game so well. It's a mystery he was dropped for 4 months!

Alfie Mawson has been playing well too, and he's got a big future ahead of him.

RF: How do you expect Clement to approach the game and what do you think the starting XI will be?

SC: He'll be cautious, we won't try to win it early on. His priority will probably be making sure we don't lose and then rely on Sigurdsson or Llorente to get us a goal we can protect.

The starting XI will be: Fabianski, Naughton, Fernandez, Mawson, Olsson, Britton, Carroll, Ki, Sigurdsson, Ayew, Llorente.

RF: Finally, a prediction please?

SC: 1-1 draw. I think our cautious approach will stop us winning and you'll want to salvage some pride.

Make sure that you check out Swansea Oh Swansea on their website - and, if you fancy it, give Steven a cheeky follow on Twitter here.

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