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Quick Kicks: Why aren't Sunderland scoring? Moyes' attitude to subs is appalling; what next?

Things are bad, but how on earth haven't we scored a single goal in our last six games?

Leicester City v Sunderland - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Six games without scoring - what is the problem?

Sunderland have one of the Premier League's finest goalscorers in Jermain Defoe up front. Quite how we've managed to provide him with such paltry service in the last six games in amazing, even by our standards.

Whilst our options in attack are admittedly limited, surely there is more that can be done about what has now become an increasingly worrying issue?

I'm not having that we don't have enough creative quality either. Adnan Januzaj is under-performing but has been ultimately stifled creatively by being put out on the wing when his best position is as a number ten. Wahbi Khazri was second only to Angel Di Maria in the Ligue 1 assist charts when he arrived at Sunderland, yet settles for a place on the bench each week and has his playing time limited to the last twenty minutes of games that we are already losing. Lynden Gooch - an international footballer now, may I add - can't even get into the matchday squad most weeks.

Christ, even young Joel Asoro is an option - he's at least scoring at U23s level. Could he not offer us something different to just settling for Fabio Borini turning up and not bothering every week?

I'm clearly desperate, but come on - at least try and be proactive. It cannot get any worse than losing every week and not scoring.

Why are we not at least trying something different? Baffling.

Reactive management

It was obvious to anyone watching the game last night that if we had made positive changes at half time we could have given ourselves a better chance of winning, or at the very least score a goal or two.

David Moyes was once again conservative with his in-game management. He didn't want to be proactive, and we eventually went behind in a fashion that has become all too familiar this season.

It was almost comical watching Victor Anichebe getting stripped off as Leicester celebrated scoring - he should have been on the pitch as the second half started. Sadly, that would have meant that our manager would have been forced into being ambitious with his approach, and we can't have that can we?

Going from here

Manchester United are coming to the Stadium of Light on Sunday. Three or four weeks ago I hoped that by this point we would have won at least two of the three games we've played against Burnley, Watford and Leicester - instead we've taken just one point and failed to score against any of them.

David Moyes may have spoken yesterday about not giving up yet, but if he's being honest he'd admit that we are probably down now.

The story of how this campaign has unfolded has been embarrassingly similar to the one that we saw at Aston Villa last season. Their players didn't want to be there, their manager didn't want to be there and their owner didn't want to be there.

I can't wait for this season to just end.

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