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Quick Kicks: Does anyone know why Ndong was dropped again? Sack Moyes NOW

In today's Quick Kicks: can anyone explain why Didier Ndong was dropped for the second game running? With Sunderland needing a win, why did we set up so negatively? And, is now the time to sack David Moyes and move on before he can cause any more damage?

Everton v Sunderland - Premier League Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Dider Ndong on the bench again - why?

I'll be interested to know if anyone questions David Moyes on why his big money signing, Didier Ndong, was sat on the bench yet again down at Watford.

I mean, the fact that he's done it two games running now is rather suspicious - does he really think that a defender playing out of position is better than Ndong in the centre of the park? Is he carrying an injury or something that we should know about? Has he had disciplinary issues?

Someone needs to ask, because literally nobody who saw our team sheet come out at 2pm yesterday could get their head around the decision to leave the Gabon international on the bench.

And, to the surprise of nobody, Ndong came on late in the game and showed exactly why he should be starting, sparking energy into a rather slow and listless Sunderland.

You don't have to be an idiot to see that he's our best central midfielder.

Why so negative?

We needed to beat Burnley and we put out a side that was both cautious and there to limit any potential damage. Against Watford we did exactly the same - instead of trying to making positive changes to a side that hasn't scored a goal in their last four games, we opted to stick with the same shape and attack line that couldn't score in a brothel.


And the result? Well, we failed to score yet again, of course. That's now five - yes, FIVE - games that we've gone without a goal.

Need I remind anyone that we have one of the best goalscorers in the Premier League up front?

At half time it was blatantly obvious that the game was there for the taking if we wanted it, but because we're so toothless we barely made Huerelho Gomes break into a sweat. We had a chance at the break to introduce a positive change or two from the bench in the hope that we might go on to win the game - and don't forget, this was a MUST win game.

Instead the same team strolled out after the break and conceded a poor goal - and it was only then that the Sunderland gaffer decided to make a change, once we had gone behind.

These are the type of things that really stick in my mind when I attempt to explain to people why David Moyes is the wrong manager for Sunderland.

I can accept that we are a damaged and broken club, but Moyes is doing nothing to repair it. In my view, he's merely creating more problems due to his awful philosophy on how things should be done.

So, what now?

Clearly nothing is going to be done - David Moyes is here to stay, like it or lump it.

And I'll be fair - there's still a large portion of our fan base that want David Moyes to be given the time he'll need to get Sunderland back on our feet. Not everyone feels as strongly about this as I do.

We're down. I think we can all accept that now - we probably need to win 6 of our next 9 games, and that just isn't happening.

We have to plan now for the Championship. Sacking Moyes might hit the club in the pocket but in my opinion we just have to accept that he's wrong for us, end the relationship and look to the future. He's not right for Sunderland, so lets move on.

Put Stockdale or Ball - or both - in charge until the end of the season. Then, in the summer, re-assess and seek out the manager that we want to rebuild this club with.

This club is desperate for stability, and we must re-start the entire process by removing the most unstable man currently employed by the club.

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