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In sticking by David Moyes, are we just accepting relegation?

Sunderland lost their eighteenth league game of the season this past weekend and currently occupy the 20th place in the Premier League table. With all signs pointing to an inevitable relegation, we seem set to stick by our manager regardless of where we find ourselves come the end of the season.

Sunderland v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Gareth Copley/Getty Images

Last week we polled our Twitter followers to find out whether or not they thought that David Moyes should be sacked or given more time to prove himself as manager.

To my bewilderment, the majority felt that he should be afforded further opportunities to put things right. Fair enough, I suppose - not everyone feels like I do about this particularly touchy subject, and I can empathise. I mean, if something is said enough times it starts to become accepted as the truth.

For a long time I agreed with Martin Bain's words earlier this season about it being nonsensical to keep sacking managers if you are to undergo any sort of long term progression, but I'll be honest with you - right now, there I feel that there is absolutely no chance that David Moyes is keeping this group of players and this football club in the Premier League. In my opinion something drastic has to change - either in personnel or in attitude - if we are to pick up a run of successful results that will take us back out of the bottom three.

Sunderland v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

We have fewer points after 27 games than in any of our last four relegation battles. We're six points adrift of safety, with a rank goal difference, and are bottom of the league. Personally I feel that anyone who thinks that this manager is going to turn this season around is quite frankly deluded.

And I'm fairly sure that, deep down, Moyes isn't confident that he'll do it either.

In sticking by David Moyes regardless of results, are Ellis Short and Martin Bain accepting relegation? Or do they honestly feel that he's going to keep us up?

If our owner and CEO are now - and always have been - prepared to stick by Moyes and his tenure despite dropping out of the top flight, regardless of how good or bad a job he is doing with this group of players, then that is just bizarre.

Ellis Short has made many bad decisions over the years since taking on ownership of this football club but it would be unfair not to commend him for knowing when the right time to change a manager is. Whilst we are obviously now suffering from the after effects of all of those appointments, it doesn't then mean that we have to stick with David Moyes now. In fact, the evidence is there for all to see - changing our manager is what has kept this club in the Premier League now for the last four seasons prior to this one.

40th Anniversary Memorial of Ibrox Disaster Held In Glasgow PHoto by Danny Lawson - pool/Getty Images

Has the plan been all along to just ride this out regardless of where we end up? Did we hasten to spend money on another striker other than Leonardo Ulloa in January because we were already resigned to probability of relegation? Are there no standards that David Moyes can be held to just because we have been ran so poorly in the past?

If the answer to any of those questions are yes, then I am truly baffled.

I would absolutely love for David Moyes to keep this team up but all of the signs suggest that we aren't getting out of this before the season's end, and our utter refusal to do anything about it deeply concerns me. We did nothing about it in January when we had the opportunity to further strengthen our squad and we'll continue to nothing about it before the season is out because, as we all know, our manager is seemingly made of Teflon and carries himself like a guy who has been well assured that potential relegation from the Premier League will not lead to him losing his job.

And, yet, there is still time. We have games left to play and eight of our remaining eleven fixtures are against teams that are in the bottom half of the league with us. That said, this squad lacks basic motivation and leadership and quite patently it is obvious that whatever David Moyes is doing with them isn't getting the desired reaction.

Mr Short - dare you go against everything what you apparently now stand for in a bid to keep this club in the Premier League? I suggest that you should.

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