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Thousands have voted - do Sunderland fans want David Moyes to stay, or be sacked?

Roker Report have asked and the Sunderland fans have responded - do we want David Moyes to get the chop now, or do we give him more time to put things right?

Everton v Sunderland - Premier League Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

For years Sunderland have been a club renowned for chopping and changing managers when the going got tough. However, after Ellis Short waxed lyrical this summer about finally landing David Moyes - his principal managerial target for several years - many suggested that the time for reactionary decision making was over, and instead, a new era of stability would emerge under the tutelage of the no-nonsense Scotsman.

Fast forward six months and Sunderland find themselves rooted to the bottom of the table; not cut adrift from the rest of the pack, but certainly doing themselves no favours.

Rotherham United v Sunderland - Pre-Season Friendly Photo by Lynne Cameron/Getty Images

However, with the black clouds of financial troubles darkening the skies above the Stadium of Light, and an injury list that brings a tear to one’s eye, this season’s malaise hasn’t necessarily been created solely by the ineptitude of the man in charge of footballing affairs.

Yes Moyes has made some questionable decisions, both tactically, when facing the media, and in terms of his transfer dealings; yet ultimately there has been a lingering doubt as to just how responsible he has been for our woes this campaign.

We decided after some prodding from our Twitter followers, to poll the masses and gather their thoughts on the matter, and 2746 of you let us know your feelings.

Interesting reading to say the least. A handsome majority were quick to leap to the defence of Moyes, and suggested he needed more time to guide the club forward; undoubtedly there will be a few daft clicks from Newcastle and Boro fans, but the result are plain for all to see: the fans think Moyes is deserving of the job, and just needs more time to put things right.

Obviously everyone has their own opinions as to why Moyes deserves to stay, and perhaps another poll asking fans to elaborate on their reasons for urging more time is needed to fully understand the issues people believe to be the underlying reason for our poor performances this season.

Regardless though, the fans have spoken, and are steadfast in their defence of Moyes; 49% is an impressive majority, and suggests that fans are sick of the club’s roundabout approach to hiring and firing managers. Perhaps the fans believe that no matter what the result of this season, Moyes’ track record is convincing enough to warrant allowing him the opportunity to rebuild the club no matter what happens this season.

Another interesting point worth mentioning is the 25% of people undecided in their approach to the situation. Is there just too much going wrong at the club to adequately blame Moyes as the key to our failures? Perhaps the fans see the debacle of recent years as an issue deserving to fall at the door of the man in charge, Ellis Short, rather than David Moyes - just another manager hired by the elusive billionaire.

The fans have spoken and they’ve made their feelings clear - Moyes deserves to stay. Let us know what you think!

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