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TOP FIVE: Favourite Sunderland home kits!

Last week we brought you the top five away kits. This week however, its time for the red and white stripes to be judged. Which home kit is the best?

Derek Ferguson of Sunderland
Sunderland AFC Home kits - which one is the best?

5 - 1984/1986 White sleeved Nike Kit

Worn by: Eric Gates, Nick Pickering, Shaun Elliott

This is a kit that has increased in popularity as the years have gone on. Worn most famously in the Milk Cup run of 1985, it is associated with hope - only to be compounded by an ultimate sense of disappointment. Does that sound vaguely familiar?

Interestingly, there were actually two versions of this classic due to a change in sponsorship. Below is the original ‘Cowies’ version, but the ‘Vaux’ version was worn in 1986. Although more white than red, this Nike number went down well with fans then and has continued to be remembered as a cracking kit.

4 - 1997/1999 White collared Aasics Kit

Worn by: Kevin Phillips, Niall Quinn, Jody Craddock

This kit represented a new era for the club as we moved from our home of 99 years, Roker Park, to the Stadium of Light. The design was a classic, and provided plenty of memorable moments.

Bury v Sunderland Kevin Phillips

This was the home kit that Kevin Phillips wore as he notched an impressive 35 goals in 1997/98, as well being worn the season after as we hit a record-breaking 105 points.

Other memorable highlights in which we wore this kit include the 5-2 win at Bury, the Play Off Semi-Finals against Sheffield United and the 7-0 thrashing of Oxford United, meaning the list of iconic games this white-collared number is remembered for is impressive.

3 - 1992/1994 Hummel Kit

Worn by: Phil Gray, Don Goodman, John Kay.

Another kit that was worn in an iconic but ultimately disappointing cup run - this Hummel effort was simple yet effective.

In my opinion, Hummel are without a doubt the best kit makers we’ve ever had.

John Byrne of Sunderland

Two arrows on the sleeves and a neat little collar meant the red and white stripes (red in the middle as it always should be) shone as bright and bold as you’d expect a SAFC home kit should.

Sadly (1992 FA Cup run aside) the team didn’t quite do the kit justice, as Terry Butcher and Mick Buxton led us around the lower reaches of the Division One table.

2 - 1973 FA Cup Final Kit

Worn by: Ian Porterfield, Ritchie Pitt, Bobby Kerr

The uniform that we wore back in 1973 was like most kits of those days.

It was classy, straight-forward and had no frills - however, the memories and scenes evoked by this strip means it is without a doubt one of our most famous home kits.

Bob Stokoe decided after a period of donning white that the players should wear black shorts - and within months Ian Porterfield was smashing in a silverware-winning volley whilst wearing it at Wembley.

1 - 1887 ‘Newcastle Road’ Kit

Worn by: Arnie Davison, George Monaghan, Andrew Hastings.

On September 24th 1887, under treasurer James Allan, Sunderland AFC adopted their now famous red and white stripes. Exactly one year before The Football League was formed, the Lads debuted their red and white stripes against Darlington St. Agustine - watched by over ten-thousand fans at the old Newcastle Road ground.

Without this kit none of the aforementioned strips would have existed, and although the only photos we have of it are not in colour, we can image just how beautiful it would have looked on the day of its birth back in September of 1887.

The original red and white stripes.

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