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The Dafabet Roker Riches: Week #28 - Blame us for SAFC's Southampton humiliation!

What are your bets for this weekend's football? Take a look at our tips - sign up to Dafabet here and you could get a free bet up to £30!

Plymouth Argyle Media Access Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images

Progress & Week #28 Table

Every single one of us backed a Sunderland win last week, so you can blame us if you want for putting the mockers on the lads before a ball was even kicked.

Chris Sparks continued his ascent out of his overdraft with yet another win, whilst Rory Fallow made a tiny amount of profit to boost his coffers slightly.

The table actually makes for canny reading - considering that we all started this venture on £50, there has been some considerable profit thus far as a group. You could say that, you know, we're worth listening to. Or not.

This Week's Bonus Prize...

If Arsenal fail to beat Sutton United this weekend, the banker has promised that he will refund all losing bets this week! C'mon Rory Deacon, lad!

Gav - @Gav1879

I'm going for a couple of fivefolds this week, safe in the knowledge that if all but one of my teams win on each bet that Dafabet will refund me my losing stake.

  1. Sheffield United, Norwich, Arbroath, Hearts and Hibs - that returns £59.94 off a fiver.
  2. Burnley, Manchester City, Chelsea, Spurs and Manchester United all to win - that returns £29.60 off a fiver.

Fivefold accumulator - £5 - Returns £59.94

Fivefold accumulator - £5 - Returns £29.60

Rory Fallow - @RoryFallow

  1. You can’t predict what Arsenal will do next at the moment. Confidence will be low after suffering a hiding in Munich, so I’ll take a punt on Sutton United holding them to a draw. The non-league hosts will be desperate for a replay to give their coffers a huge boost and a £5 bet will boost mine too, with odds of 13/2. I’m saying nothing else, in case I talk myself out of it.
  2. Since my first bet is a bit of wild one I need to play it a little more safe with my second selection. I’ll have a treble consisting of - Burnley to to end Lincoln's run, Middlesbrough to win at home to Oxford and Millwall to overcome Leicester. The only tricky one is Millwall but, given The Foxes recent form and the fact that Neill Harris’ men have already beaten two Premier League teams in The FA Cup, I fancy their chances. A fiver on this has a potential return of £29.10.

Arsenal v Sutton draw - £5 - 13/2

Burnley, Boro + Millwall treble - £5 - Returns £29.10

Dan Parker - @DGP202

We have the option to bet on other sports this weekend, but other sports aren't as good as football, so I'm sticking with accas and I'm sticking with throwing my money away.

  1. The first should be a relatively sure thing. I've gone for a League Two double, with Crawley and Exeter both picking up crucial home wins.
  2. The other acca I'm going for isn't as wild as the ones I've plumped for in recent weeks, but I am whacking £8 on it. I've gone with wins for Celtic, the Mags, Burnley in the cup, PSG, Juve, Sevilla, Barca, and Madrid.

Exeter + Crawley both to win - £3 - Returns £12.02

Eightfold Accumulator - £8 - Returns £56.51

Andy Tomlinson - @SAFCSource

Since Sunderland have the weekend off, we don't have to think up ways to avoid betting on them to lose.

  1. So first up, I'm betting on Millwall to overcome the current Premier League champions in the FA Cup - but considering Leicester's recent form, I'm not sure how much of a shock that would be.
  2. Then, as I haven't been doing too well of late, I am going safety first and putting £10 on some long odds-on favourites to win in an acca, namely Burnley, Man City, Chelsea, Man Utd, Arsenal and Celtic.

Millwall to win + BTTS - £10 - Returns £60

Sixfold Accumulator - £10 - Returns £41.06

Danny Roberts - @DJRoberts22

Once again, betting on Sunderland kicked me in the arse. Thankfully, we don’t play this weekend so they won’t cost me more money. Yey!

  1. My first bet will be a five-fold, focusing on teams in Britain. I'll bet on wins for Hearts, Southend, Cardiff, Cambridge and Leyton Orient. A fiver on that will see me receive a tasty £122.12.
  2. My final bet will be a treble from teams in Europe, punting on wins for Atlanta in Italy and PSV and Utrecht in Holland. Another £5 bet will see me return £11.84.

Fivefold accumulator - £5 - Returns £122.12

Atlanta, PSG + Utrecht to win - £5 - Returns £11.84

Chris Sparks - @ChrisSavedLatin

I’ve won two weeks in a row! Jesus wept! To continue my run back to the top I’ve actually placed some thought behind this weekend's bets.

  1. My first is simply backing the eight favourites in the FA Cup Quater-Finals; with a trip to Wembley at stake, I can’t see the big teams slipping up.
  2. My second bet is backing thirteen outright favourites across Europe, which barring any upset would return me a hefty profit! I can’t wait for one team to knock me out again...

Arsenal, Burnley, Man City, Boro, Man Utd, Leicester, Spurs & Chelsea all to win - £10 - Returns £281.87

Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Barca, Juventus, Sampdoria, Atlanta, Monaco, PSG, Porto, PSV, Basel, Celtic & Lyon all to win - £18.56 - Returns £391.89

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