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Fan Letters: “Dance of the Knights reminds me of failure - change the bloody tune!”

“I feel my mood change from excitement to fear and I begin to feel nervous about what is going to unfold once the music starts,” explains Roker Report reader Ernie.

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Dear Roker Report,

I have for the last few years wanted to write to someone to just let off some steam regarding our absolutely terrible home form.

I know that I probably sound ridiculous, or you may think that I have hit the bottle early, but I do have this thought which keeps hitting me, and again on Saturday at five to three.

After travelling up from Carmarthen to watch the game against Reading we arrived full of excitement and expectation - then it happened as it has happened for at least the last three years.

Every time we arrive the feeling is great, but just before the players come out and the Dance of the Knights is played.

I feel my mood change from excitement to fear and I begin to feel nervous about what is going to unfold.

I felt it again this week.

I know that when I hear this song being played I automatically start feeling like this, it never happens when I go to games at other grounds. It's as though I have associated this music with feelings of disappointment and a fear of being let down again.

If I feel this, there must be many others that feel it too. Can you imagine what the players feel every time they hear it, waiting in the tunnel before taking the field wondering what reception awaits them.

Will they feel as bad as they did at the end of the game as they did the last time they heard it?

Change the tune please.

I think Rock around the clock would be good, as Chris wants us to be rocking and rolling, or the good old Scottish soldier would do it. Whatever - JUST CHANGE THE TUNE!


Sunderland v Everton - Premier League
Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

It has always been difficult for those fans supporting other teams to understand why we support Sunderland.

Living down south I have got used to the looks on peoples faces when I tell them and always the first question is ‘why?’ - and then the snide remarks sometimes come.

My stock answer is because my family come from Sunderland and their comments are wasted because we have heard them all before. Once you get to know the Sunderland fans you quickly realise just how special they are. And yes, we are going through a rough period with the team at the moment, but it is nothing new.

I personally would always prefer to support a team like Sunderland - one that has to find players that gel to make some kind of success happen - than to support one of the big Premier league clubs that just wave their cheque book around in order to entice the good players towards them.

It would be a bit boring following a club that buys success!

With the arrival of Mr Coleman there seems to be a hope that he can rebuild the team, and he needs to be supported in that aim even if the team is not doing well.

Nothing can just improve overnight but I get the feeling that something is stirring and yes, some of the older players will be discarded, but this will help to make way for new arrivals or the development of the young players, something that the new manager seems to be keen on doing.

I just hope that all the cutbacks do result in a reduction of the debt and the owner gives the manager the support he needs.

I don’t think that this manager will waste money in the same way that others have done before him. He knows the club has to spend wisely and he has young players who, when handled correctly, will help the club to rise again. He wants to reward the fans with success and that is a good sign as those fans who continue to turn up and express their feelings are the true supporters, and it is always a pleasure to meet them when they follow the club to the games down here in the south.

We will get back to the Premier League eventually, and it may take a bit of time, but with this manager we may be seeing the good times come back sooner than we expect. Keep the faith, you brilliant Mackems.

Laurence Pullar

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