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Fan Letters: “SAFC should move training facilities to London & sell the SOL naming rights!”

Would moving the club to train in London better our chances of attracting good players? Roker Report reader Paul Eden thinks so.

Dear Roker Report,

The definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Surely Sunderland Association Football Club are the true definition of madness in football.

Why not try something different?

One thing that has been leveled at Sunderland for years is that we can't attract players to the area. Ok then - how do we solve this?

Simple - move the training facilities to the London area.

Does it really matter where the players train or live?

All it means is that the day before the game they travel to the area much like an away game now.

I really don't see the issue with this, as the players are so detached from the real world these days the fans never see them anyway. Gone are the days when players used to walk to the ground or get on the bus with the fans.

I really don't see any issue with this proposal and it removes the biggest stumbling block in attracting the right players at the right price.

Secondly - we are skint at the moment, right?

Well - have the club entertained offers for the naming rights of the stadium?

Other clubs have. Look at Arsenal.

How about the Nissan arena, for example?

Even a 10 year deal at £5m a year would bring in £50 million.

If Nissan don't want it, go to one of their competitors, maybe Honda would be interested in the naming rights, especially in Nissan’s back yard - it could be quite a coup, whilst bringing in even more money.

If this club is to survive, drastic changes are needed and whilst these changes may not be palatable to the traditionalists, should we go into administration or out of business any newly formed club has lost its history anyway.

And make no mistake, that is a real possibility with these people in charge.

Paul Eden

Stadium of Light - Sunderland AFC
Would the “Nissan Arena” really be such a bad name?
Sunderland AFC

Dear Roker Report,

I am not confident that our next managerial appointment will be the right one because Martin Bain is a complete helmet.

Having said that, can we just have a manager who brings a bit of passion and pride back to this team and club?

This Sunderland AFC is the not the club that I fell in love with as a 5 year old bairn, 20 years ago. In fact, this version of Sunderland AFC... I've fell out of love with them.

Defeats don't bother me anymore, and wins no longer leave me buzzing from Saturday night til Monday morning.

I just want my club back.


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