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Fan Letters: “Get someone in who will embrace the Sunderland manager’s job!”

“They should get someone in now who has the club at their heart, so win lose or draw we know as fans they aren’t anyone’s puppet”, says Roker Report reader Scott Defty.

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Dear Roker Report,

Put simply, we cannot afford to allow the people running the club to make any long term decisions about SAFC as they simply don’t want to be here long term.

Would you allow your partner, who has told you he or she wants to leave you, to decide what new car to have? What holiday to book or new house to buy? No chance.

They should get someone in now who has the club at their heart, so win lose or draw we know as fans they aren’t anyone’s puppet, coached into saying the right things, but someone who will demand nothing less than 100% from those on the pitch and take action against those who are annual under-performers. I’d take a Kevin Ball, Peter Reid or SuperKev any day over whatever else is out there. We have had big managers with better track records than those mentioned above, but they seem unable to grasp what it is that runs thorough the veins of this football club.

Get someone in who embraces it, and wont use it as an excuse. I like most would support Sunderland in League One if needs be, as long as I knew the players on display are earning their way, honest die hards, rather than big money flops using us as a chance to “resurrect their career”.

Long term, we won’t have Ellis Short et al and someone will want to make changes - fact. But we don’t know when that will happen and we can’t keep waiting for new owners to rock up with a magic wand - just ask Portsmouth fans.

We need immediate action which gets people in the pubs early and anticipating the game, bringing their kids again to the match, buying the shirts and being proud to wear it.

Southern Mackem

Dear Roker Report,

Why on earth are people asking for Kevin ball to step into the manager's job?

He's done it before without much success, and, why would he want to stain his legend status with us, the fans?

Now to the UNDERWHELMING caretaker appointment of Stockdale and McKinlay - how will the seasoned pros react to a man who hasn't got the experience that they have? How long have these two, particularly Stockdale, been at our club? What have they achieved? Will Stockdale play the youngsters (he should know more about them than anyone else)?

Time will tell, but it's definitely not on our side. If we have a change in fortune and start winning games, questions have to be asked of the players.

In our recent history, how many managers have left because the pampered b**tards didn't like what was happening?

Moyes told the truth after a couple of games and was slated (he didn't help himself). We saw the first signs of player power when Paolo was here.

Keep the Faith.

Steve Wyatt

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