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The fact Bain has had no new SAFC manager lined up shows how truly incompetent he really is

Should we be uneasy at the club’s lackadaisical approach to finding the manager required to reverse our stuttering fortunes? And should Martin Bain be looking over his own shoulder?

Sunderland v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Thomas Gray once said that ignorance is bliss.

But, if truth be told, that’s difficult to believe right now as we drift rudderless at the bottom of the pile, with little in the way of hope.

It certainly feels, however, that those in charge of our search for a new manager have taken the second part of Gray’s famous line to heart as wisdom continues to evade them.

None among us mere mortals can claim to know exactly what goes on behind closed doors at this club of ours, and the current situation in which we find ourselves only adds to the bemused frustration that exists within our heads and our hearts. But to all associated with this club, it certainly feels like we’re in a fine old mess again.

We might not be blessed with insight into the intricate workings of our club, but it certainly feels like we’re floundering once more.

Who sacks a manager after a game before the players have had a chance to shower and then waits almost two weeks without announcing a replacement?

It’s not as if we’re midway through the summer with time to kill.

The whole situation reeks of total panic - something we simply can’t afford to do right now. Ellis Short and Martin Bain have both recently spoken about learning from past mistakes, yet that’s clearly not the case.

Sunderland v Reading - Premier League
The stadium wasn’t even completely empty by the time Grayson was gone.
Photo by Chris Brunskill/Getty Images

What exactly has Martin Bain been doing over the course of the season thus far?

Serious questions have to be asked of the CEO who has seemingly dismissed a manager with no viable options readily available. It’s total lunacy of the highest order, and has caused yet more chaos at a club which looks immune from normality.

Honestly, from a relatively simple point of view you’d imagine when results weren’t going our way that Bain and some committee or another would be drawing up a shortlist of potential managers capable of reversing our alarming slide, right? That’s not a particularly bold leap to make, is it?

Yet, instead of having a replacement readily lined up in order to afford him the comfort of an international break to introduce himself to the vast majority of our squad, whilst beginning to formulate a system and approach, somehow we’ve managed to look a million miles away from appointing anyone.

Rotherham United v Sunderland - Pre-Season Friendly
What has Martin Bain been doing behind the scenes?
Photo by Lynne Cameron/Getty Images

It highlights once more the dire need for people to be employed by Ellis Short in possession of some football related knowledge - by the way, leaning on someone like Walter Smith for advice definitely doesn’t qualify as a solution.

Names like McCoist and Brown continue to be bandied about as potential solutions, though if either of those two men are appointed then I’d imagine many fans would be bitterly disappointed with the club’s direction once more.

It feels like we’ve been failed again by a club that has steadily drifted away from its fanbase for quite some time. We should be thoroughly annoyed by the manner in which our senior management appear incapable of swiftly appointing a new manager, yet most of us lack the passion and pride to even grumble so much as a questionable grunt.

We’ve already lost our next manager a large chunk of valuable time by playing it cool; we’re not some angsty teenager trying to find a partner, we’re a professional business looking for leadership and direction - would any other company fail to rectify this ongoing issue after almost two weeks? One would imagine not.

Subsequently, Martin Bain must get the wheels rolling with a positive appointment in the coming days because if he doesn’t, then he too should be in the hunt for a new job.

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