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Fan Letters: Should Sunderland peddle Robbie Stockdale as well as Simon Grayson?!

With all the good he’s done, we may as well hold a supporter’s raffle and use the winner to replace him!” says RR reader ‘Rident1’.

Crystal Palace v Sunderland - Premier League Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

The whole club is a mess from top to bottom.

People say that Simon Grayson is the main the problem with us and I don’t see that. It’s no coincidence that Martin O’Neill failed as Sunderland manager - and it’s the same with Di Canio, Poyet, Advocaat and Moyes. Even Sam Allardyce only kept us up by the skin of our teeth. These are all managers who have done well before coming to Sunderland.

Ellis Short and Martin Bain are killing this club and it is a decline that has been happening since 2011. We got £90m after relegation and £30m for Jordan Pickford, yet we spent just over £1m. Yes, Grayson has to take some of the blame for his tactics but if the board aren’t willing to spend any money then what hope have we got?

People have been saying to bring in Roy Keane - this is the same man who lost 7-1 to Everton, had us 18th in the Premier League and the players celebrated his resignation!

I would like to see Grayson leave, but I do sympathise with him a little.

Also, what’s the attraction for a potential replacement? It took us six weeks to find a new manager after Moyes resigned.

The players aren’t helping matters; there are no leaders, no talent anywhere. Players like Kone, O’Shea, Cattermole and Jones - if this was a professional club, players like that lot would have been peddled years ago.

Samuel Thompson

Sunderland v Bolton Wanderers - Premier League
Do people remember Roy Keane’s tenure more positively than it actually was?
Photo by Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

We are cannon-fodder for the rest of the Championship - how has it come to this?!

The club has been ground down over last few seasons due to poor management and even worse transfer business.

There is something fundamentally wrong at this club.

Simon Grayson will not save us and going by the number of managers who have refused to take the reins in recent years, I can’t see anyone saving the club from sinking further.

I understand that throwing money at the situation is not the answer unless quality is purchased.

We persist with sub-standard players like Jack Rodwell and Jason Steele!

What’s needed is a good manager, and funds to buy players who WANT to fight for the club. C’mon Bain and Short, get your act together and get this club back to the big time - repay the loyalty of your supporters!

Many thanks,

David Ibinson (A very sad supporter)

Livingston v Sunderland - Pre Season Friendly
David isn’t happy that we persist with players like Rodwell and Steele.
Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

We need someone else in charge, but it has to be new blood because Robbie Stockdale is also too stale - he has been here for what seems an eternity.

It seems as though all of our problems come through him - he has been alongside loads of our previous managers. We need someone else and quickly. With all the good he’s done, we may as well hold a supporter’s raffle and use the winner to replace him!


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