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Fan Letters: “We need to get behind Simon Grayson and show him our support!”

“Let's support the Lads and even if we do go a goal down let's get behind the team, otherwise we will be seeing another relegation come may”, says RR reader Paul Cook.

Bury v Sunderland - Carabao Cup First Round Photo by Nathan Stirk/Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

When Simon Grayson was first appointed at Sunderland I can't say I was overwhelmed with the thought of immediate promotion back to the Premier League and the promised land, but saying that I wasn't disappointed either and thought that he was probably what the club needed right now.

Roll the clock forward a few months and we are sitting second bottom of the Championship. Am I surprised? No! Do I want Grayson out? Definitely not.

This guy has lost the best two players in a poor squad before kicking a ball in anger, we've subsequently shipped out 15 players (although I've lost count) and brought in 10 on a very limited budget.

He's been unlucky in terms of key injuries and not having had a settle back four since the season began and just looking at the squad we have some massive holes to fill... and Grayson is an intelligent man and will see this himself.

We desperately need an experienced goalkeeper in my view to settle things down at the back. I thought we may have picked up a Rob Green or Shay Given up on a free in the summer just to bring some composure to the side.

I'm not talking a long term strategy here but I worry about our two goalkeepers who in my view lack the quality that is required. We also need at least one centre half, a British type who gets rid rather than trying to look flash. McNair could do this job but I think we should utilise him in midfield as a replacement for Cattermole, who unfortunately needs to up his game to command a place in the team. Maybe Catts could even be transformed into a centre half - although his lack of height would be worrying. Up front we look short. I love Vaughan and his enthusiasm but you can see he needs a goal or two to boost his confidence but this lad will run through walls for the team and we need players like him but we do need more goal scorers.

There's been a sickness at our club for some time now, and we as fans need to get behind the team and Grayson and give him our support.

By booing players and giving the manager grief will only lead to more pressure on the team and will lead them to further defeats.

Let's support the Lads and even if we do go a goal down let's get behind the team, otherwise we will be seeing another relegation come may.

Paul Cook

Sunderland AFC

Dear Roker Report,

How huge is today’s game?! I’m nervous as hell.

A few pints in the Howard Arms pre-match should help to sort that out though!

All I can say today is ‘Keep the Faith’, it’s all that we have.


Gary Johnson

Sunderland v Middlesbrough - Premier League Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

I know it’s been hard recently and this probably won’t go down well, but I can honestly say I don’t understand how everyone can be so negative towards Martin Bain and Ellis Short. In my opinion Martin has been the saviour of the club and knows exactly what he is doing. He carries strong and stable values that we need in our club. I think he is getting a bad rap unfairly and deserves more respect from the fans. Ellis has put his heart and soul into the club from day one and should be more appreciated.

They have laid out a financial roadmap to put our club back on an even keel, they really should be given the opportunity to implement his 5 to 10 year vision for our great club.

I think Martin and Ellis have the potential to work a miracle at the club and supporters who are not attending games in protest should be deeply ashamed of themselves and should receive a lifetime ban.

I feel this has to be said as the fans are mainly the problem here.

Kind regards

Jayde Collins

ed: Hmm.... though it seems Jayde is on a windup, I’d like to think that she’s not!

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