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Fan Letters: “Martin Bain - if you are transparent, please answer these IMPORTANT questions!”

“Mr Bain says he is "a transparent guy" in his recent rare public comment. Okay Martin if you are transparent, please answer these questions...” says Tom Lynn.

SAFC fan Tom Lynn has some questions for Martin Bain

Dear Roker Report,

There have been further mutterings this week from Martin Bain, with hardly a searching question from the lapdogs of the mainstream NE media outlets. People should analyse what he has been saying.

Most worrying was the comment "It's not even a word (relegation) that's discussed internally, it's not something that's in the front of our minds, that we could be going down rather than up." It's because of this lackadaisical manner of running SAFC that we were relegated last season, putting up with negative crap from Moyes week after week, which allied to generally pathetic signings and a refusal to use some of the better players contracted to the club, that we went down without any sort of passion or fight.

This club is dying on its feet right now and many people need to wake up to the fact, Bain clearly being the most important person who seems oblivious to this. Last season, Blackburn Rovers were demoted with 51 points, the hapless management of Grayson to date with one win in thirteen has us nowhere near achieving that on stats to date being continued.

Bain said he'd been hired "because of the background I have in football". What? An ultra controversial spell at Rangers (google Martin Bain/Rangers) and Maccabi Tel Aviv? Stunning!

Finally, Mr Bain says he is "a transparent guy" in his recent rare public comment. Okay Martin if you are transparent, please answer these questions:

- Who constitutes the board of directors at SAFC?

- Where are board meetings held and how often?

- Can you name all staff members who make decisions on the day-to-day running of SAFC? Are there any non executive directors?

- What is the clubs short, medium and long term strategy?

- One win in thirteen games and a generally abysmal standard of football in the majority of championship fixtures to date is a fact. When do you start to question the manager?

- Can you confirm if it is true or simply an unfounded rumour that Ellis Short is returning to live in the USA?

- Why has Short, the clubs owner and figurehead, never attended SAFC matches on a regular basis?! The club wants fans to be committed, why isn't he?

- Finally, who took the decision to cancel the prestigious concerts at the SOL, events that put the city on the map and which brought millions into the local economy? Can you provide figures to prove they made a loss? Do you think this decision has helped Sunderland’s 2021 City of Culture bid and are you happy that from next year promoters who liked putting on events on Wearside will now be pitching up at St James Park, Newcastle, from next year (Justin Bieber)?

I look forward to some transparent answers.

Thanks in anticipation,

Tom Lynn

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