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Fan Letters: “We need a manager who understands the club, the area and the fans”

“I have supported our beloved club for 40 years and to see the state it's in now on and off the pitch is soul destroying”, says Roker Report reader Colin Roberts.

Sunderland v West Bromwich Albion - Premier League Photo by Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

As Margaret Thatcher would say, you can't fool all the people all the time. After one win in 13, SG is mouth and pants status.

The Mackems have a great squad, ironically thanks to SG, and at little cost - unlike his bumbling predecessors; highlighting a good football brain. SG comes across as good, rank and file.

Management is another thought process. Think analysis and evaluation. The ability to maximise resources, get the best out of people.

SG likes the dugout. Maybe he needs to get up high, high enough to hear the fans, high enough to hear James Lowson, James Hunter ...Chronicle Live, Roker Report etc.

It seems Steele is exempt from workplace KPI and his selection is not based on merit. In a normal workplace Ruiter would have a case for discrimination. Ruiter was dropped for no reason. Steely, as SG calls him, has cost his side arguably 7 points in the last 4 games and I've yet to see him have a good game.

Talking of last line of defence, why is Beadling not getting a look in when he's had two man of the match awards in U23 as a central defender, whilst SG plays three fullbacks vs QPR and played Matthews injured?

Cattermole is a champion. SG needs to stop flogging him like a dead horse and treat him with respect; like bringing him on with 20 mins to go to see the team home.

The whole point of substitutions is to add or change the shape of the game, to tactically throw the opposition, to exploit weaknesses. SG just can't seem to grasp this. He seems to make changes too soon, too late or not at all.

Time is running out.

Peter Chase

“Cattermole is a ‘champion’ - but Grayson is flogging him like a dead horse”, says Peter Chase.

Dear Roker Report,

I have supported our beloved club for 40 years and to see the state it's in now on and off the pitch is soul destroying.

We have an owner with no direction or interest in our club who is allowing it to die slowly and painfully... and the lifeblood of the club is helpless to stop it. I can't see a new owner on the horizon, so what can be done?

I am not one for the manager merry go round but honestly I believe a change of manager is the only thing which will change our fortunes on the pitch this season...but only with a good appointment, otherwise there is no point to this either.

Don't get me wrong, I like Simon Grayson as a person and I like his positive enthusiasm for the job... but I think the job is beyond him and to be fair it would be beyond a few even better than him. His tactics and team selection beggars belief at times - I acknowledge it's not all his fault, but before it's too late he has to be relieved of his duties.

We need a manager who understands the club, the area and the fans, someone who can connect with them. Personally I would like to see Kevin Phillips with Peter Reid as his no.2, with a first team coaching role for Bally... it’ll probably never happen, but these three all understand the club, the area and fans and could help to connect the club, fans and players once again. They would give everyone a massive lift and we all know the team would be passionate and give 100% at the very least - it is the minimum those would demand.

So come on Sunderland, take the small steps to recovery before it is too late and relight the fire that once burned brightly at Sunderland... but no matter what, I will always be Sunderland till I die!

Colin Roberts

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