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Crucial weekend for Sunderland & Grayson - Do the fans think he should leave in the event of defeat?

It goes without saying that this weekend’s game is an important one, but with fans’ patience waning, Simon Grayson simply must find a win for everyone’s sake.

Bury v Sunderland - Carabao Cup First Round Photo by Nathan Stirk/Getty Images

After another season of disappointment so far this season, the familiar rumblings of discontent have started to amplify as Simon Grayson’s side have struggled to make any meaningful impact on the Championship.

Two draws in our last two games were heralded as “positive” results by the man in charge. Of course Grayson is in a tricky situation whereby everything he says is scrutinised and critiqued, but it’s something of a stretch to suggest two draws that keep us situated in the relegation zone are something to be cheered about.

We decided to canvass opinion ahead of this weekend’s game away to fellow strugglers Brentford, asking our readers whether or not a poor result should result in a change of manager? The response was clear.

Of course emotions are high when the issue of managerial ineptitude is raised, but it’s clear to see that a large majority of fans are at their breaking point. This weekend could well be the straw to break the camel’s back should Sunderland succumb to defeat, or so our survey says.

Of course there are several factors that must be taken into account when discussing the potential of a new gaffer potentially taking over at a club that has seen 12 managers take the hot-seat (including caretakers) in the last 10 years.

Grayson is of course under pressure, and rightly so - any other manager in any other line of business would be under pressure too if they delivered such poor results. However, the question must be asked: are we falling into a familiar trap in calling for the manager’s head once more?

Sunderland v Bolton Wanderers - Premier League
11 managers since this bloke.
Photo by Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

It is worth noting that Grayson has had serious limitations since taking the job - and that’s not necessarily talking about his tactics or coaching methods.

Even after selling our star prospect for mega money the club provided nothing but small change in order to overhaul a squad in dire need of a root and branch transformation this summer - with just over £1 million spent on new additions to an already paper-thin squad.

CEO Martin Bain then came forth from the shadows to note that the majority of this season’s income would be spent on running the club and thus Simon was left with little in terms of fiscal pulling power.

Add into the equation the well-documented fact that the owner is looking to sell-up due to a financial nightmare slowly bubbling below the surface and it’s plain to see that tempting players to the club was always going to be a difficult task. In fact, attracting another manager might be even more troublesome should Grayson leave the club - who would want to come, and who could we even afford?

Sunderland v Burnley - Premier League
Some bloke.
Photo by Nigel Roddis/Getty Images

That being said, it’s difficult to feel too sorry for the former Preston boss who has struggled to find a suitable formation or instill confidence in his side who have subsequently failed to pose much trouble to the division’s opposition - despite taking over at the end of June. Surely we’re better than second bottom and 8 points from 12 games?

Ultimately, however, it’s clear to see that the fans are growing impatient once more, even if questions do remain about whether or not another new manager is what’s needed in order to reverse our stuttering season.

Fans seem clear in their thoughts though - they can’t take much more of this. How about you?

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