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Man On The Street: Piss Off Slaven - Defoe's Ours! Sticking Up For Borini; Jurgen The Dick

'The man on the street' has got a load to get off his chest today - and he's asking, "Why are people giving Fabio Borini stick for wanting to take a penalty?"

'The man on the street' - he's not pulling any punches!
Image Credit - Simon Walsh

Just to kick things off - I've just seen that West Ham have apparently bid six million quid for Jermain Defoe?

Six million?

Six? Eh? Are they for f**king real? That might get you a pair of his shin pads are something. I know we're skint but that's just taking the piss. Shove it up your fat arse.

If someone had said to me before our last three games that we’d lose two and draw one I’d have assumed we'd have collected the point on our jaunt to Turf Moor. Sunderland are, and always will be, a completely bat-shit mental football club.

The result against Manchester United was fair enough. However bad - by their standards - they’ve been in recent years, they’ve still got a far bigger and better squad than Sunderland. Whilst it would’ve been nice to get something, I was happy we gave them a go - at least the supporters got to jump around when Fabio smashed home that stonker late in the game.

The Burnley 'performance' (if that's what you can call it) was simply disgraceful and unacceptable - I was there and witnessed an absolutely pathetic capitulation and hammering off a team widely tipped to go down at the start of the season. It was nowhere near good enough. Regardless of how poor our squad is perceived to be, it definitely shouldn’t be getting hammered by Dyche's lot.

After the shambles at Turf Moor I was concerned about how many goals we’d concede against Liverpool but the reaction from Sunderland was exactly what we demanded - and most desperately needed.

There’s obviously going to be debates over our two penalties. The first one I can understand why Liverpool would feel hard done by, and the free-kick leading to our second spot-kick was soft in my opinion. But, they can’t deny that Sadio Mane definitely handled the ball from Sebastian Larsson’s free-kick. I mean, what the f*ck was that all about? What kind of idiot puts his arm out like that in the box?!

They’ll understandably feel frustrated at throwing away two points but by equal measure it was annoying at Anfield to have got to 73 minutes at 0-0 and then concede twice - I think they can learn to live with that.

Now I'm not one of these happy-clapper types, but if you take things into perspective, since we beat Bournemouth at the start of November we’ve done alright.

Chelsea are the best team in the league, especially defensively, but Liverpool are the best attacking team right now - to come from behind twice to earn a point against the bin-dippers was encouraging.

The results against Swansea and Burnley were disappointing but other than that we’ve beaten Bournemouth, Hull, Leicester and Watford, not to mention drawing against Liverpool.

It’s not too bad. We’re still in touch.

I don’t understand why Fabio Borini is getting so much stick for wanting to take the second penalty on Monday.

Personally, I quite like that. At least he’s showing he’s enthusiastic, and wants to get amongst the goals. I know that Jermain Defoe is our best bet to get a goal but scoring against Liverpool, a club who didn’t really give him a chance, would have added that extra spice for Borini.

He certainly seemed to be up for it, diving into tackles and all that - he even waved the Sunderland fans on as they chanted his name in a bid to stir them up. That's more like it! Get in to them!

He might look like he stinks of tabs and coffee but I do like Jurgen Klopp - that said, he went on like a bit of a bellend again at the weekend, didn't he? Come on man - show some level of class, please.

We had the same time to rest - which was two days - before playing the game and we’ve had twice as many problems with regards to injuries than what Liverpool have had.

Speaking of managers going on like arseholes, Pep Guardiola made my blood boil this week with that bizarre BBC interview after Manchester City WON. Why do managers feel the need to be pure dickheads when journalists are just trying to do their job?

I understand that they are under immense pressure by being in such a high profile role, but some of these blokes believe their own hype sometimes.

Pep looks a shadow of the bloke that waltzed into Manchester this summer with the whole media behind him, telling us all that he was this footballing genius that was going to mosey in and take all of our trophies. You won't win frig all playing three full backs in the centre of defence, bonny lad.

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