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Q&A: Everton fan OPINIONS on Gibson and Oviedo - Just what are SAFC's latest acquisitions going to bring?

We collared a couple of our Toffee-supporting friends to give us some perspective on what we are getting from Bryan Oviedo and Darron Gibson. Supporters Ben Williams - who is a fanzine writer - and Calvin from fellow SBNation site Royal Blue Mersey dropped by to share their thoughts on the two men making the move across from Merseyside to Wearside this January.

Manchester City v Everton - Premier League Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

RR: Oviedo and Gibson - can you describe each player in a few sentences?

Calvin: Oviedo is more of a wing-back than a classic fullback. He does well jumping into the attack, and tends to mesh well with attacking midfielders who can release players down the wings. He's been very unfortunate with injuries - he's not really fragile, but has had some terrible luck with them. He's not necessarily renowned for his defending ability, and does decently enough blocking crosses, but is easily physically overwhelmed. Gibson is a classic case of 'what could have been'. He's had a career blighted by injuries, but when he does get it together and doesn't break down, he has some excellent vision as the pivot. Gibbo is not a box-to-box midfielder, and cannot be expected to clean up in front of the backline, but when given time on the ball in the center circle, is very capable of finding the precise pass that could release Jermaine Defoe.

BW: Darron Gibson has the anatomy of a rich tea biscuit. When actually fit, he does a job. Bryan Oviedo scored against Manchester United at Old Trafford in 2013 - if that Bryan Oviedo is found, please return.

Sunderland v Everton - Premier League Photo by Nigel Roddis/Getty Images

RR: Both players have had considerable injury problems. It seems to follow suit with our former Everton contingent - how often are they actually fit?

Calvin: Oviedo is not one to have minor niggles - he's either out for months at a time (torn ligaments, fractured leg), or is available and fit. Gibson on the other hand simply does not seem to be able to stay fit. He's had a bunch of minor niggles over the years, but hasn't been available for a lot of time.

BW: Oviedo isn't *as* bad with injuries, admittedly. He does try though, I'll give him that. I just feel he hasn't really got the quality for the Premier League. He's not too bad having for cover. But, who knows with a run of games - I hope he's a success at Sunderland. Gibson is literally never fit. Again, you won't like to read this, but the process Moyes is undertaking in signing these players is being described as Koeman shipping out the deadwood.

RR: We were linked to Darron Gibson in the summer you got him. Many expected him to push on, but he's sort of stagnated. He's only 29 - What do you think he has to offer at this level?

Calvin: Nothing beyond spot duty. He does have the quality when his head is right and the circumstances are perfect, but it's been a while since we saw anything positive from him.

BW: Gibson's problem is his injuries - if there is a gust of wind he's out for six weeks. Gibson is a lovely passer of the ball, and will just sit back and pull the strings. If you can keep him fit he'd be a great little player for you.

Everton v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

RR: Not one central midfielder scoring for us this season, do you think he's got the goalscoring threat to help with that? Or is he more of a defensive-minded midfielder?

Calvin: When sheltered by a tough-tackling midfielder, he can provide an offensive spark. Also has decent set-piece delivery if I remember correctly, but it's been so long.

BW: If his legs hadn't gone he'd be a great box to box midfielder with a wide skill set. If he gets the ball around the edge of the box though he certainly has the attributes to make something happen.

RR: The man Oviedo will be replacing, Patrick van Aanholt, was great going forward and scored a decent few goals, but was at times horrible defensively. What's Oviedo like in that sense?

Calvin: He's very similar in those respects. Oviedo is pacy and does well getting into spaces when bombing forward. When paired up with Pienaar at Everton, the two were quite fearsome on the left actually. When it comes to defending though he's not very good, which is why he's better off playing as wing-back.

BW: They sound like fairly similar players. I think the goals saved Van Aanholt, whereas Oviedo has never really bagged. He's got pace, defensively can be questioned, but he does have a good little left foot. We actually signed him as a centre midfielder, though.

RR: Do you think Oviedo would have had more of a chance if it weren't for the longevity of Leighton Baines? Or ultimately, do you think he just wasn't good enough?

Calvin: You know, that's a very good point. Oviedo has done decently whenever he gets a longer run in the starting eleven and has some time to settle in. He's very much a rhythm player that way. But you're right, at the end of the day he's simply not good enough to be your long-term solution at left back.

BW: When you've got Baines as a left back you're never getting a game. He never looked like unsettling him. There was a stint a couple of years ago where Baines was sidelined for a while and to be fair he did come in and do a job. So with a run of games under his belt I hope the guy succeeds. He's a dead nice lad and really embraced Everton and the culture - I'm sure he'll do the same with a similar club like Sunderland.

RR: All in all, how do you expect them to do for us?

Calvin: I expect Oviedo to do decently - he had a good working relationship with Moyes and I think he'll be fine filling in for PvA. However, with Gibson, I would be very surprised if he plays well in more than fits and starts. It's sad to say, but I would be even more surprised if he's not crocked again by the end of the season.

BW: If you can keep them fit, I feel they'll do a job for you. They won't set the world on fire, but they'll do a job. Gibson can provide a bit of experience and stability in the midfield. Oviedo can give you pace down the flank.

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