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Quick Kicks: Burnley Bird Brain; Thatcher's Britain!

If I don't at least attempt to find the funny side of what I witnessed yesterday evening at Turf Moor, I'll cry.

West Bromwich Albion v Sunderland Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images

I Forget His Name...

Remember that lad we signed from Liverpool?

Of course you do. He was slight, weak as piss, moody, 'all fart and nee shite', barely a goal threat, threw himself to the ground a fair bit - I'm sure you recall all of his undoubted qualities. He was abysmal. He was a waste of a shirt. He was a man with an inflated ego of himself.

Ah yeah, that's it...

Anthony Le Tallec. That's the fella.

Carry on.

Do They Even Care Anymore?

You can tell that it's January, mind.

No - not because it's freezing cold and we're all skint - but because Sunderland's players have realised they have an opportunity to move on with the transfer being open and, as a result, have seemingly decided that they're too good for us.

Well, that may not exactly be the case, who knows, but it certainly feels that way. The likes of van Aanholt, Borini, Januzaj and Defoe have all been linked with moves away from the club and their body language in games has been shocking in recent weeks.

I don't think that it would be unfair to suggest that they might have had their heads turned.

More Than One

"We're trying, we're always hopeful, always pushing to see if something can work," said David Moyes, talking last night about transfers. "We need to see what happens. It's more than some one (player), that's obvious."

Oooooooooooooooh... are we allowed to get excited yet? I won't lie, that little piece of bait has me drooling at the prospect of a mad flurry of deadline day acquisitions.

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm in the "sign anyone, anything... just sign somebody!" camp right now. It doesn't matter how old or unfit Leon Osman is, he cannot be any worse than Sebastian Larsson. Has Alex Rae still got a pair of boots? Get him in too. Emmanuel Adebayor? Why not. Kelvin Davis? Come at me, bro.

Six Quid For A Burger!

I always thought that Burnley were a lovely little club still connected to their roots. They have an old, ran down football ground still and don't even have a proper ticket office. It's right in the middle of a built-up housing area and the away end still has wooden seats.

Yet... how dare their burger vans charge six quid for a cheeseburger!

Thatcher's Britain.

The Kid Is Alright

Sunderland were unforgivably useless last night but the one rose amongst the thorns was George Honeyman. He didn't set the world alight by any means, but he gave a good account of himself and at least showed that he may yet be capable of offering us something in the coming weeks.

As the game wore on and the effort from the other players dissipated Honeyman inevitably suffered but, generally, speaking he put a good shift in - enough to prompt the manager in to giving him a special mention in his post match briefing, anyhow.

Because of our lack of options and the fact that he didn't play too badly he'll likely play some part against West Brom at the weekend. Good on you, George.

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