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Man On The Street: "Jeremain Lens & West Ham United have got my knickers in a twist!"

The man on the street is back this week for a right old whinge over a number of things - and high on his list are Jeremain Lens and the folk over at West Ham United.

MAN ON THE STREET NEW Image Credit - Simon Walsh

Why is it that we've seemingly recruited a right bunch of arseholes in recent years?

Just this week we've had Jeremain Lens proclaiming to all that will listen that it's within his best interests if Sunderland - his current employers, I will hasten to remind you - are relegated this season, because that way his new friends over in Turkey can more easily afford to take him off our hands come the end of this current campaign.

What a prick.

He might be telling the truth - it probably would make life easier for him - but he doesn't need to come out and say it. Have some respect for your former team mates, at least.

There’s next to no point about being excited at the prospect of incomings because we’ve already had our expectations lowered.

Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand our financial situation has already reached the point where it can’t be ignored anymore, but it doesn’t make it fun to sit there whilst other clubs will inevitably strengthen.

I’d still expect a couple of signings this month, whether there’ll be any good or not I don’t know - but, chances are that potential signings won't be any exciting the fans any time soon.

Worst case scenario, we’ll just have to hope that the players who are fit will be able to drag us out of the situation we’re in.

All we can do is hope we can sell a couple of players, get good money for them and get their wages off the books.

Everyone knows by now David Moyes doesn’t trust Whabi Khazri. I trust Moyes and believe he is the man to take Sunderland forward but I will never understand why on earth he won’t play him.

So, if we’re not going to use him, then try to offload him - he's a talented lad but let's be honest, what's the point in him even being here?

I keep hearing that Moyes thinks that he's lazy - which may or may not be true - but that particular insult is harder to swallow when you see how many chances the manager has afforded Adnan Januzaj this season.

Don't get me wrong, Adnan has done well recently, but his recent 'success' (if you can call it that) came as a result of persistence. Wahbi hasn't even had a chance to prove his worth - it's pathetic.

West Ham really got my blood boiling with their audacious £6m offer for Jermain Defoe.

I know that he’s 34 years of age but he’s proved that he’s still got what it takes to score goals in the Premier League. Sunderland finished fourth bottom last term and then started abysmally this season, yet Defoe in 2016 managed to score 20 league goals for a team who barely creates any chances whatsoever.

He has had to create his own opportunities which says a lot for his quality.

Off the pitch, he seems to be an excellent professional and is a role model. If West Ham think that’s only worth £6m then they need to give their head a shake. Then again, they only view Robert Snodgrass as worth £3m. Snodgrass has made Hull tick but the Irons clearly don’t have the respect. Sunderland and Hull rightly rejected such disrespectful offers.

You can imagine just how funny I found the whole Dimitri Payet situation yesterday - West Ham are ran by a bunch of tossers and they deserve everything that they get.

It's not very nice when another club attempts to unsettle your best player, is it?

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