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What Liverpool Are Saying: Klopp Saw Weakness - Even Before He Watched SAFC At Burnley

It only seems like five minutes since the last time Roker Report was previewing a match against Liverpool. Regardless, a new year is upon us - though tomorrow's fixture against the league's current second best side has an ominous feel to it. Here's what Jurgen Klopp and the Liverpool fans have been saying about their trip to the Stadium of Light tomorrow.

Sunderland v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

The Manager

In the aftermath of his side's victory over Manchester City on Saturday, Jurgen Klopp pondered a relaxing New Years Day watching Sunderland's capitulation at Turf Moor. Without a hint of delight, the grinning Liverpool boss pondered picking apart any weak-links in David Moyes’ team for his swaggering Reds to exploit:

I will wake up and watch Burnley-Sunderland. The other games, I already saw. Hopefully I will see some weaknesses and then I will make a line-up when the medical department gives me the opportunity to.

A mental image of the German rubbing his hands together with glee swiftly follows at what he would have seen on his, presumably, massive telly this morning.

How about a Sunderland goalkeeper who had forgotten he was a goalkeeper, or a centre-half who gave the appearance of being on the drink hours before the rest of us started our New Year celebrations? Add in a midfield which labours like an aged Morris Minor, a squad decimated by injury, and a fan base who only witnessed a total of ten victories in 2016 - which swings between being fed up and apathetic at the dross served up before it - and you can see the prospect may have Klopp watering at the mouth.

Liverpool v Manchester City - Premier League
Jurgen Klopp celebrates his side's victory over Manchester City on New Years Eve
Photo by John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

But, the German is a gent and not one to, publicly at least, jump for joy at the prospect of a visit to an imploding opponent. The Liverpool boss made some noises about expecting a difficult encounter tomorrow, but after describing David Moyes' set-up as the most defensive he had ever seen at Anfield in November, Klopp has claimed there is no reason his side can't punish a Sunderland team which have stuttered again after showing some signs of improvement at the back end of last year:

No excuses for no one, that's how everyone wants it. We have to deliver and we will deliver.

We will go there an play our best.

Liverpool will be without Jordan Henderson as the former Sunderland player picked up a slight injury at Anfield yesterday. Hendo is always welcomed back to the Stadium of Light of course - except when he's taking to the field in opposition. Philippe Coutinho and Joel Matip are also ruled out.

Klopp may opt for a combination of Divock Origi and Daniel Sturridge in attack, which should have enough movement to refocus Papy Djilobodji's mind quickly after his horror show at Turf Moor.

The Fans

Liverpool fans, with little better to bother themselves about, have "reacted with fury" to claims made by Stan Collymore, according to the Liverpool Echo.

Stan Collymore of Liverpool in action

The perceived slight that has Merseyside up a height? That the former Reds striker has predicted Manchester United will finish above Liverpool this season. Collymore believes Klopp's squad possesses some defensive weakness which will cost them points this year and that they may miss out on a place in the top-four.

The horror.

Recall that Klopp's Liverpool tried to get tomorrow's fixture rearranged, such was the disdain with which they viewed the festive fixture pile-up; but let's be honest - this Scouse fan's view on forum sums up how our opponents are likely viewing a near-certain three points:

Redaderry: In theory, this is the ideal fixture to have two days after playing and having beaten the likes of Man City. An injury decimated, relegation candidate who have also played two days previously.

3 - 0 to the redmen. Migs to score from a boot out.

And this individual sums up Saturday's stinker perfectly - which unless you are a Burnley fan - possessed one of the worst halves of football seen in England for 30 years:

Strictly Armchair: I sat through most of Sunderland’s match at Burnley (no need to thank me) and I have to say that it was like being transported back into the 1980s as the ball was hoofed up and down the pitch with all too depressing regularity. No doubt Dyche thought it was fantastic. It was so out of date I half expected to find myself with a mullet at the end of the 90 mins.

The considered analysis is that Sunderland are garbage. Relegation will be too good for them, and Gollum.

Meh, let's give it a go. Haway the Lads.

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