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#JustOnePound - Sunderland Fan Bradley Lowery Needs Your Help

Five year old Bradley Lowery has been re-diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, a rare and aggressive form of cancer, and in order to treat the disease his family are pleading for kind donations to get him the care that he needs in the USA. Donate here.

He's beaten it before and will beat it again - but only with our kind help.

Bradley Lowery is a five-year old Sunderland supporter from County Durham that, having beaten Neuroblastoma in 2014, has devastatingly learned that his cancer has returned, eighteen months after being given the all clear.

Neuroblastoma is a rare form of cancer that attacks the nervous system and is most common in children. Bradley was first diagnosed with the disease at the age of two and after two years of battle, he was finally given the all-clear. With all Neuroblastoma sufferers, though, there is an 80% chance of relapse and following what was a routine scan earlier this summer Bradley and his family were given the devastating news that his cancer had returned.

How on earth can you even attempt to comprehend just how devastating it must be to deal with an illness like this? How do you re-assure a poorly child that everything is going to be fine, when all the while you have no idea what is around the corner? I commend his parents for being as brave and as strong as they clearly are.

We can, however, make a difference.

The treatment that Bradley requires can only be given to him in the United States, and as a result he and his family are relying on the kind donations of the public in order to send him there.

Bradley's family need to raise SEVEN-HUNDRED THOUSAND POUNDS. It's an enormous amount of money but raising that amount is achievable. There really isn't a price that you can put on the life of a child.

You can Donate by Text. Simply text BRAD02 [YOUR DONATION BETWEEN £1 AND £10] to 70070, or click here to donate online.

Like Bradley's Fight on Facebook and Twitter, and also visit for more information on how you can help.

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