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Roker Riches: Week #8 - Who Have Our Pundits Tipped To Win This Weekend?

Your weekly dose of betting inadequacy is here!

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There were just the two winners last time out, with Gav's French League double giving him a tiny bit of profit for the first time in a number of weeks.

Andy made twenty quid profit with his bet on Jermain Defoe to score first against Palace, and he now closes the gap on Chris Sparks at the top of the table.

The roooooooooad is long, as they say.

Week Seven Table:

Pundit Last Week's Profit/Loss Current Balance
@Gav1879 + £5.83 £54.79
@RoryFallow - £15 £56.25
@SAFCSource + £20 £73
@DGP202 - £6 £61.79
@ChrisSavedLatin - £5 £75
@Rastrentish - £10 £30
@DJRoberts22 - £15 - £16

If you're daft enough to follow any of our tips then head over to the Dafabet website to check out their usual price boosts and take advantage ahead of this weekend's football.

On to this week's picks - give us your predictions/tips in the comments below!


What is the point on wasting my money betting on Sunderland any more? I can't bring myself to bet on us to lose, and since we do that pretty much every week I'm in a sticky situation. Instead of downing tools I'm just going to start using smaller amounts on Sunderland, at least until our form improves and it becomes easier to see which games we stand a chance of winning in. With that in mind, I'm going to just put two quid on one of Dafabet's price boosts - Sunderland to win 2-0 has been increased to 11/1.

I won on my Ligue 1 double last week and I'm backing two French teams again. Toulouse have won their last three - including a huge win last week against PSG - and face off against Caen, who are in very poor form, whilst top of the table Nice take in a home tie against lowly Lorient. Ten pound on that double rakes in £52.71, and that kind of a win would put me back amongst the lads at the top of the Pundit's table.


Sunderland to win 2-0: £2 - 11/1

Toulouse & Nice both to win: £10 returns £52.71


I'm still trying to remain positive when it comes to Sunderland bets, despite them not giving me much reason to. When Palace pulled one back last week I did actually think "my Sunderland over 2.5 goals might actually come off here." That went well. I'm going for a similar bet this weekend against West Brom - The Lads to win under 2.5 goals. Tony Pulis' side will be organised and restrict our chances, hopefully we can do likewise and grind out a 1-0 or maybe even see out a 2-0. At 10/3, a fiver gives me a potential return of £21.67.

You have to back goals when West Ham host Middlesbrough, taking into account both teams defences with some canny options in attack. West Ham are in dire straights so I think backing them win is a touch risky and I fancy Boro to end their losing streak. A draw with over 2.5 goals is 10/1, so £5 returns me £55 including stake.


Sunderland to win and under 2.5 goals: 10/3 - £5 returns £21.67

West Ham v Boro - Draw and over 2.5 goals: 10/1 - £5 returns £55


Although Sunderland conspired to lose against Crystal Palace last week, my bet came in after Jermain Defoe was first - and second - goalscorer. It was something of an easy prediction though, so this week I am going for a more out-there prediction. After checking all the odds, I have decided to predict a Sunderland win. Not by any particular scoreline, with both teams to score or anything like that. Just a Sunderland win.

Last week I predicted Southampton to win away to West Ham, which they did but with both teams to score. Unfortunately West Ham were far worse than I imagined they would be, things will be a little easier for them this week with the visit of Middlesbrough but I still can't see them winning but I can see an entertaining and open game that ends in a draw.


Sunderland to win: 6/4 - £10

West Ham/Middlesbrough to finish 2-2: 12/1 - £5


Have you ever seen Space Jam? If not, you have to watch it. It’s up there with other classics The Godfather and Shawshank Redemption. If you have seen it, you’ll get the following metaphor: Jermain Defoe is Michael Jordan, and the rest of the team are the Looney Tunes. I feel desperately sorry for Defoe. All he can do is score goals and somehow he does that despite our midfield having all the creativity of a dishwasher manual. He tries to drag the supporting cast up to his level like Jordan does in Space Jam. The only difference is that Bugs Bunny shows a level of improvement that I have yet to see from Patrick Van Aanholt.

I took a one week hiatus from accas. I didn’t win a bet. Coincidence? I don’t think so. I’ve returned in a big way. I’ve gone for Liverpool, Man Utd, Chelsea, Plymouth, Madrid, Bayern, and even the Mags to record wins this weekend. I feel dirty. Hopefully if this sevenfold comes in I can wash myself in dollar bills, like a really, really white rapper.


Defoe to score first: £3 - 17/4 returns £15.75

Sevenfold accumulator: £8 returns £82.29


Jesus, this has taken a turn for the worse.

Everton knocked me out of my accumulator last week but I still get my bet back at least thanks to Dafabet’s refund offer which I will take advantage of again this weekend. I’m hoping to see victories for Liverpool, Arsenal, Man Utd, West Ham and Chelsea, which will see me win £84.78 from £10.

I’m only betting on Sunderland now because I have to; they never fail to let me down both on and off the field. I’m backing the lads to be victorious with BTTS at a price boost of 5/1, but the likelihood of this happening is very slim!


Liverpool, Man Utd, West Ham, Chelsea and Arsenal all to win: £10 returns £84.78

Sunderland to win and BTTS: 5/1 - £5 returns £30


Feeling hard done by considering last week's results and doubting Kones ability to head a ball away from his own goal let alone in to that of the enemy, I'm dropping any pretense of faith in anyone but Defoe. I'll be putting money on him to get another brace this weekend because he's the only one on the team that can do his job capably at the moment.

I'm going to take my second bet away from the delusion of supporting Sunderland and plant it firmly on West Ham to suffer another defeat at the hands of our sort of neighbours Middlesborough. They're defence is as shambolic as ours and I can see them going down the plug hole by at least 2 goals.


Jermain Defoe to score two or more goals: 8/1 - £5

Middlesbrough to beat West Ham: 5/2 - £5


I'm actually starting to embarrass myself with my betting skills. Surely I have to win one sooner or later?

I hate betting on Sunderland, so I'm keeping my stakes low so when I lose, it won't impact my negative balance too much. I'm going to stick £3 on Sunderland to win and both teams to score at 5/1. That will see me return £18 thanks to price boosted odds.

My second bet will be making use of another price boost offered by Dafabet. I'll put a tenner on Everton to beat Crystal Palace and under 2.5 goals. Odds of 4/1 will see me gain a much needed £50 return.


Sunderland to win and both teams to score: £3 - 5/1

Everton to beat Palace and under 2.5 goals: £10 - 4/1

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