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Spineless Sunderland

Is there light at the end of the tunnel for Sunderland with David Moyes at the helm?

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Jesus wept. What can you say about that really?

Blowing a two-goal lead at home against Crystal Palace, a side managed by Alan Pardew. We’ve had some pretty naff times over the years as Sunderland fans but this one is right down there with the worst of them.

The ref might have had a shocker but we're an experienced Premier League club with an experienced Premier League manager - we shouldn't be gifting our opposition goals like we did at the weekend.

I blew my lid about Moyes after the Everton game and my stance on the Scot has not changed one iota since. October sees us play West Brom and struggling duo Stoke City and West Ham United, and if we fail to win at least two of those then I’m afraid Moyes needs to throw in the towel. He hasn’t done a thing right since he left Everton and judging from Saturday’s performance, that doesn’t look like changing anytime soon. Thousands of Sunderland fans in the Stadium of Light could clearly see that Jan Kirchhoff was not only playing awful but he was also knackered after 50 minutes - Moyes instead takes off our leader Lee Cattermole and makes Kirchhoff play the full 90, who ends up losing Christian Benteke for the last-minute winner.

The former Everton man has so far spent his time on Wearside looking for excuses and people to point the finger at, but I think it’s about time he purchased a mirror and gave it a good old stare. It feels like Moyes has taken everything that was superb about our end of season team, threw them in to a blender and has produced a s**t smoothie that he is forcing down the throats of every Sunderland fan.

The players have to take their share of the blame too. Their performances so far this season show that they’re not only weak footballers but they’re also weak people and the sooner David Moyes notices this then the sooner we can start to put things right. A Premier League side should not be conceding a goal thirty seconds after scoring.

The arrogance of our squad and the sheer nerve that they have in taking our support for granted time and time again is infuriating. Lamine Kone is sitting canny on his 90k-per-week pay packet and has been useless ever since signing that deal - maybe his money is weighing down his pockets. Modern football and modern footballers never fail to disappoint Sunderland fans and sadly that’s just the route our club and squad has taken over several years, with their poor transfer business and ludicrous contracts.

Saturday summed up Sunderland perfectly and where the club is right now - it appears as though David Moyes has not got a clue what to do and is looking for all the excuses in the world to buy himself more time.

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