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The NEW Roker Rapport Podcast: Episode Three - Regression

Yes that's right, we've attempted to cobble together a Podcast. We discuss all the fallout from the defeat against Crystal Palace - give us a listen!

So, we lost again. What's new?

Well, joining the Podcast this week are Jim Holmes and Callum Mackay, and both men have plenty to say about David Moyes and his failings thus far as Sunderland manager.

Also giving a touch of realism to this debate are regulars Tom, Gav and of course host Damian, and none of our of writers are feeling particularly positive about the club at the minute.

Along with all the Moyes chatter and post-match fallout we answer your Twitter questions and give some thoughts ahead of the West Brom game.

On your way to work? Doing the house work? Bored? Skiving? Looking for an excuse to laze around? Then fire us up and have a listen to our show!

Going forward we'll be looking to get ourselves hosted on iTunes so this is much more accessible from your devices (we're hoping to be up on there this week so stay tuned), but for now please open the link above in your mobile, tablet, PC browser or the Soundcloud app and listen in.

This is a work in progress so let us know what you think of the show in the comments below. We're hoping to improve as we go but, nonetheless, we hope you enjoy!

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