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The NEW Roker Rapport Podcast: Episode One - Reflection

Yes that's right, we've attempted to cobble together a Podcast. Give us a listen!

Being the creative reprobates that we are a bunch of us have decided that we're going to get together once a week to talk about football for an hour.

Give us a listen - episode one is here, and joining Damian this week are GavTom and Bowers to discuss the aftermath of the transfer window, the season ahead under David Moyes and a brief look ahead to tonight's game against Everton.

Going forward we'll be looking to get ourselves hosted on iTunes so this is much more accessible from your devices, but for now please open the link above in your mobile, tablet or PC browser and listen in.

This is a work in progress so let us know what you think of the show in the comments below. We're hoping to improve as we go but, nonetheless, we hope you enjoy!

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