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Borussia Dortmund 1-1 Sunderland AFC - Player Ratings

The Lads drew tonight with Borussia Dortmund at the rather conspicuously named Cashpoint Arena in Austria - here's how they fared.

Lynne Cameron/Getty Images

Vito Mannone: 5 - Didn't really have much to do, handled the crosses well enough and couldn't really stretch himself farther for the conceded goal, but nothing that stood out.

Patrick Van Aanholt: 8 - A bit of a shaky start for Van Aanholt was soon remedied as he settled in to the flow of the game. Though he did make several mistakes early on he had his hands full with Dembele and recently returned from injury and made some vital blocks in the last quarter of the game.

Younes Kaboul: 6 - Bearing in mind I'm not going to be overly generous with any player in a pre-season match, I think Kaboul mostly played to his strengths and kept up his budding partnership with Kone. He did what was expected of him and made some important clearances, and that's to his credit.

Lee Cattermole: - 8 - This kid 'ere ow! He's got the eye of the tiger, this one. Double footed challenge for absolutely no reason saw a great rousing of the five hundred odd pure bloods that made it to the game. He was dogged, he was determined and when he was outpaced he was tenacious and aggressive - all the reasons we love him. Amazed he didn't get booked mind, but it was a solid display from him today and again he fought well like most around him.

Jack Rodwell: - 4 - He runs, sometimes, but mostly plods. He shoots from 30 yards out and guess what? He doesn't score.

Fabio Borini: 8 - Tracked back and forth like a champ, always willing to get on the ball, to lay it off and to get amongst the defence, never afraid to take a shot (even if it goes to the Gods). I really can't fault the man and as part of our three pronged attack tonight he performed as admirably as his midfield allowed. Again, tenacious.

Whabi Khazri: 7 - Khazri did something he commonly does, tonight; he gave the ball away in a panic. Twice. In dangerous areas. But obviously his talent and raw pace is thinly veiled at best, and he was integral in the few times we pushed forward with real intent. Another good shift.

John O'Shea: 5 His rating is partly to do with the odd position he was placed in, and partly that he should be coaching our young defenders on the pitch, not slotting in any old nook and cranny for the first team.

Duncan Watmore: 8 - Increasingly, Watmore progresses before our very eyes. He looked completely at ease rushing the full-back of a Champions League team in our snazzy new kit, always a nuisance, always a terrier on the ball, something that earned what might have been important chances during the match if we had capitalised on them. Great to see him putting the time in and getting the chance to prove his worth.

Jeremaine Lens: - 6 Is it just me or does Lens look fat? He looks tired. He looks annoyed and unsettled. Still, he put in a shift. Under those circumstances you get an extra point for bothering. Had a couple of chances but generally was off-pace and refuses to chase down a ball.

Lamine Kone: 9 - Wiiiiiiise meeeeen saaaaaay... oooooonly foooooools ruuuuuuush iiiiiiiin... But I.... caaaaaaan't... heeeeelp... faaaaaallling in loooooooove.... wiiiiiith yooooooou...

I shan't be doing the subs today because there's too bloody many and it's pre-season and aside from Asoro they brought no real change to the game.

Man of the Match - I have to say Kone. Solid, consistent, mountainous region of a man with a quick smile and a mean poaching streak.

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