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Quick Chat: Crack With Everton Fan Ben Williams

With nowt much going on right now, we stopped by to have a quick chat with Everton supporter Ben Williams about Steven Pienaar, David Moyes and Marouane Fellaini.

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Steven Pienaar was released by Everton at the end of last season. Was it the right decision from your perspective?

It certainly was the right decision. The club are entering a new era, and despite being a catalyst to the Moyes turnaround of the club, it was right for both parties.

At the age of 34, Sunderland fans are skeptical to what he can bring. Do you still think he has something to offer a Premier League club?

I think you've very much got him at the tail end of his career, however Pienaar’s main attribute is his brain.

He established a pretty much telepathic link with Baines down the left flank, duly nicknamed "Bainaar", he understands other players positions on the field, and can get the ball into seemingly impossible gaps.

His athleticism was never there, but there's no doubt he can contribute creatively to a team that lacks a bit of spark.

Steven has seemingly struggled in recent years. Have his legs gone, or is it something else?

Has his legs gone? I think its more age has caught up on him. We never saw him at all really under Martinez, due to injuries and then falling out of favour.

He was one of the most creative players in the Premier League under Moysey though. If you can get his fitness sorted, he'll certainly add something.

How would you describe him as a player now? How does that differ from the player you first signed all those years ago, if at all?

As I've said, the player we signed all those years ago was fresher, fitter, and had the legs. As players age, yeah they may not be in top condition, but they're knowledge and experience is invaluable.

Pienaar can certainly show the young ones a thing or two, and maybe help inject that creativity into a strictly solid defensive Moyes side.

Sunderland fans are growing more and more frustrated over our lack of summer signings. It seems Moyes likes to go for players he trusts. What do you think of the Fellaini rumour?

Ha - you're frustrated?!

Don't be expecting major signings under Moyes. He's extremely shrewd in the market - it'll be a cheeky bargain here, a great loan there.

He won't spend unless he needs too - look at his history with us. Arteta, Pienaar, Cahill, Jagielka. The list goes on.

The first two were actually loan deals, but all of those names were signed for under six million quid. I appreciate its a completely different market, but the man knows what he's doing.

As for Fellaini, he would be perfect for Sunderland. he has never been a big club player. He hasn't cut it at United, and he wouldn't cut it at any of the other top clubs. For a more defensively, rough and tumble, get stuck in type of side however, that's Fellaini at his best. If you could get him - great signing. But he's extremely arrogant, so a step from United to Sunderland isn't one I think he'll consider.

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