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Lamine Kone Offered New Contract: Thoughts On His Future & More

News emerged this afternoon that Lamine Kone has been offered a new bumper contract by Sunderland, and I for one am glad that we are doing so.

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

It's become common knowledge over the last week or so that other clubs are sniffing around the Ivorian defender, and as a result Sunderland are proactively attempting to resolve any speculation by giving one of our best players a deal which reflects his importance to the football club.

Whilst £70,000 may seem like alot - and it is - we have to remember that money in football has swelled to a level where the value of everything has increased. And, when it comes to Lamine, Sunderland have to keep him happy because he's proven to be one of the most important players that we have on our books.

Kone's agent, Willie Mackay, is very well known publicly for driving a hard bargain and with his marra Sam Allardyce out of the door it would be fair to say that he doesn't particularly owe Sunderland any favours. We either sold one of our most salable assets - in this case, to Everton, or we gave him a contract more befitting of his status at the club - that's my assessment of the situation, anyhow.

Kone has never been shy in showing just how much he's enjoying his time at the club and I for one do not want to see him leave, so this is welcome news to me. Sunderland now need to move forward on and off the pitch and with it we must do everything we can to hold on to our best players.

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