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The Dafabet Roker Riches: Week #22 - Danny Plummets

Making forty-five quids worth of bets last week failed to come in for Danny, who now joins Brian and Andy in the minus-figures club.

If this Roker Riches feature has taught us anything it is that we really aren't to be trusted when it comes to making bets. I mean, look at the state of that table.

Still, we do try.

Week #21 Table:


Last Week's Profit/Loss

Current Balance

@GRokerReport + £5.00 £36.76
@FunkyPhallus - £20.00 - £25.41
@RoryFallow - £15.00 £74.50
@DJRoberts22 - £45.00 - £22.51
@SAFCSource - £9.00 - £57.00

All the usual tips from the Roker Report writers are below - make sure you visit Dafabet for price boosts on this weekend's international friendlies!


There are plenty of international friendlies to bet on this weekend and my first flutter will be a Wales and Azerbaijan double. The Welsh are up against Sweden, whilst Azerbaijan take on Canada and the odds are a very tempting 15/1. Given that a victory for both sides is far from out of the question I'll stick a fiver on it.

It's hard to ignore odds of 9/1 just for Hungary to beat Germany. It's obviously an unlikely one but Germany have just lost to Slovakia as they keep up their reputation of saving all of their performances for the tournament. I won't risk too much though and have another £5 stake.


Wales & Azerbaijan both to win this weekend: £5 - 15/1

Hungary to beat Germany: 9/1 - £5


I still can't seem to catch a break, with my predictions being off thanks to a dodgy official or the correct result only happening in extra time - it's like I am a gambler in Las Vegas trying to chase my losses with more and more unlikely scorelines in the hopes of one good result putting me back in the black.

Hopefully this is the game where I do just that as Australia were a bit unlucky to lose to England at the Stadium of Light last week and looked a well organised team who are handy in possession. They face a Greece side at home that has lost at home to Iceland and away to Luxembourg in it's last four games. I would fancy an Australia win regardless but with Greece facing an unnecessarily long trip at this stage of the season, a comfortable home win seems like a banker.

Slovakia beat Germany in a friendly last week, a result which will mean they head into the game with Northern Ireland with confidence at an all-time high. However, Northern Ireland have made themselves incredibly hard to beat in the last couple of years and with this being both team's last warm-up game before Euro 2016, it may be a cagey affair with neither side wanting to head into the Championships with a loss to their name. For that reason I am going to go with a nil-nil draw.


Australia to win 4-0: 50/1 - £5

Slovakia and Northern Ireland to draw 0-0: 6/1 - £5


I'm winning little bets here and there but nothing is getting me anywhere near Rory, and with Roker Riches almost over for the season (this will run until the end of the Euros) I feel I need to get that one big win to put me close.

Ten pounds on a treble of Australia, France and Slovakia to win this weekend returns £47.77, and I'm crossing just about every finger and toe in the hope that it comes in.

Elsewhere, Germany take on Hungary and Dafabet are offering 13/10 for the first goal to come after the 30th minute. Ten pounds on that returns £23.


Australia, France and Slovakia treble: £10 returns £47.77

1st goal in the Germany v Hungary game to come after the 30th minute: £10 returns £23


I've had a mare. A big, fat and horrible mare. So as I embark into the dark world of negative money, I have the question, do I go for it or do I play it safe and try reach positive money before the Euros?

My first bet is for France to beat Scotland, Germany to beat Hungary and Netherlands to beat the Austria, and that amazingly pays out £43.36 from a tenner bet.

My Second bet is a fiver on England to beat Portugal 2-0, which, thanks to Dafabet's price boost, will wield me a return of £50.


Treble - France, Netherlands and Germany all to win: £10 at 3.34/1

Single - England to beat Portugal 2-0: £5 at 9-1

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