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Writers Vacancies: We Want You!

Now that the season is over it's time for us to re-shuffle the decks here at Roker Report HQ, and we're looking for enthusiastic Sunderland supporters to get involved and join our growing team of writing staff. Interested? Then read ahead.

Writing for Roker Report can be tasking, largely due to the football team that we support. When things go well, it's so easy to get your head down and type but, when things aren't going so well, it can be a pain trying to write about a subject you'd rather not be talking about.

Writing has to be a passion, though, otherwise why do we do it?

Writing for Roker Report doesn't pay a dime, I will get that in there first. We do what we do because we love it, and not for money, though we'd very much like to be paid for this (if any Arab billionaires are reading this and would like to invest, get in touch.)

That said, it can be hugely awarding. Good writing on a platform as large as ours can get you noticed, so this advertisement is very much aimed at aspiring writers and people who are looking to express themselves through enthusiastic and opinion based writing.

Our site gets hundreds of thousands of hits per month and, as of next season, we'll also be featured as part of the Metro blog network, so the scope for just how much viewership your work can get is broad to say the least.

We are looking to add to our already established team, and if this is an opportunity that interests you then please get in touch.

To write for Roker Report, we want you to be:

Enthusiastic. Enthusiasm isn't something we can coach. We want people that want to write regularly - simple.

Quality. Obviously, we try (honest) to maintain a certain standard when it comes to the content that we produce and, as such, we're looking for people who know they are capable and see this as an opportunity to not only give themselves a platform but to boost the profile of Roker Report too.

A Team Player. We have a variety of features that run weekly and we want our writers to not only contribute their own opinion-based stuff but to also get involved with features such as Make Your Case, Roker Ramble, Roker Riches, etc.

If you haven't been put off yet and are still reading, then good. This clearly is an opportunity that interests you!

We ask all potential candidates to email us at, including each of the following in your email:

- Brief introduction of who you are, what you do and how long you've been a Sunderland fan.

- Brief note on why we should bring you on board.

- Any examples of your writing (either attach something you've written or link us online)

We look forward to hearing from you!

Roker Report Team

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