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Fan Focus - Golden Pages Talk Watford v SAFC

It's the final Fan Focus of the season! To give us a Hornets view ahead of our trip to Vicarage Road, Rory spoke to Dave from Golden Pages.

Mark Runnacles/Getty Images

Quique Sanchez Flores is reportedly on the verge of being booted out of Vicarage Road, what's that all about? How are the fans feeling about it?

The initial reaction from our fans was shock and disbelief, but over the past couple of weeks everyone's come round to the idea. For all his suave, Quique plays some pretty unattractive football. It's defensive and often relies on winning games by stealing an early goal and sitting back - I'm sure you'll remember that from our visit to the Stadium of Light. It worked when Ighalo was on form early this season, scoring every chance presented to him, but it's a system which really doesn't create many opportunities so we don't stand much of a chance if we miss early chances and very rarely come from behind to win.

He also fails to nurture young players, which is something our owners value, and has been playing the likes of Abdi and Jurado out of position in order to set up defensively, even though we've been safe for weeks. Quique did fantastically to keep us up but the owners are looking at the long term, and clearly don't trust him to repeat the feat next year.

Odion Ighalo had a brilliant start to the season but seems to have faded as the campaign has gone on. Is there any obvious reasons as to why? We have a great record for strikers breaking a barren run against us, so he'll probably be fine on Sunday!

No obvious reason. He's been an average goal scorer his whole career - it's just that he had a bizarrely successful 2015. After Christmas in the 2014-15 season he began poaching scrappy goals, then his confidence grew and he started to score some pretty good ones. He came on as a sub at Goodison in our first match of this season and scored straight away, which would only have made his confidence grow further. His infamous 'scoop turn' led to many of his chances early this season but, once it was highlighted by the media, defenders began to read it and his confidence dropped.

He's showed glimpses of last year's form with a few good games recently, but has just failed to hit the target enough and just doesn't seem the same player he was last season. Maybe his head was turned by rumours of a January move, or maybe his 2015 form was just a fluke.

What's Costel Pantilimon been like since he arrived? The giant Romanian doesn't seem to have featured very much.

He was signed as a second keeper because Arlauskis, who we signed to support Gomes in the summer, looked like he'd just been picked out of a Sunday league team. Pantilimon did well in the first few games he played in the cup, but could have done better to save both goals in the FA Cup semi-final. Plenty of fans wish we'd played Gomes at Wembley instead.

Give us your highlights of the season - they can be Watford or ones from a neutral perspective.

Watford's highlights mostly came early this season. Most fans laughed at pundits predicting us to go down and the opening day draw at Everton - which could and possibly should have been a win - really shut them up. The 3-0 win over Liverpool at home was no fluke and it was fantastic to see us sweep aside one of the old 'Giants' of English football with such ease. Winning at the Emirates in the FA Cup was perhaps even more of an upset, especially as Arsenal put out a strong team in the quarter-final, and Guedioura's goal in that match will live long in the memory. The recent 3-2 win over Villa, when Deeney scored twice in injury time to silence the away fans who were abusing him, was also pretty fun.

From a neutral perspective, Leicester's title win is a given. It gives hope to every club, including Watford and Sunderland, that one year a freak run of events might see us win the Premier League - or at least break into the top four.

Who is in form for Watford at the minute? Anyone we should be particularly worried about?

Don't be worried. The most in-form player is probably Deeney, but he's more of a hard-working and bullying type than somebody who's going to run rings around you. If we win, it's likely to be a scrappy 2-1 or 1-0. But most of our team seem like their minds are already on their holidays (or the Euros!), so I wouldn't hold my breath.

On that note, anyone in particular in the Sunderland side that you think will cause you damage?

Probably Defoe, just because he always seems to score out of nothing. He also still seems to have his pace, so I bet he gets in behind Cathcart and Prodl/Britos a lot. I've also seen and heard good things about Khazri, and Van Aanholt's goal tally from left-back terrifies me.

How do you think you'll line up and approach the game?

Unless a miracle occurs, Quique will stick with a losing system and play 4-4-2. Deeney and Ighalo  will be up front. Watson will be in midfield, almost certainly with Suarez. Jurado and Abdi will be played on the wings, out of their natural central positions. Britos or Prodl will partner Cathcart at the back, Nyom will be at right-back and possibly Anya on the left, because for some strange reason Ake has fallen out of favour. We'll be boring and defensive. Having survived relegation, hopefully you'll be the same and we'll scrape a narrow win.

Finally, a prediction please?

1-1. Deeney pen and Defoe.

Thanks to Dave for his time. You can check out Golden Pages on their website and follow them on Twitter

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